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onyX PLUS SiriusXM ReceiverHigh quality radio with advanced features

The onyX PLUS features a full color crystal clear display. Enjoy features such as TuneSelect™, One-Touch Jump™, TuneMix™, and more to enhance the listening experience. Store up to 20 of your favorite channels for one-touch access to your favorite programming.

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onyx ezr satellite radio receiver

onyX EZR SiriusXM ReceiverBudget conscience receiver that is easy to use with a large display

The onyX EZR receiver offers a great "bang for the buck" when compared to the onyX Plus. With features such as TuneMix, OneTouch Jump, Presets and more the EZR is the perfect receiver for those looking to spend a little less but get great features.

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buy tour with 360L and wifi

TOUR with 360L and PandoraMeet the new kid on the block with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

The TOUR with 360l and Pandora is the latest receiver from SiriusXM. It offers a wide array of features including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Pandora, a beautiful touch screen, presets, and much more. If you have the extra coin you may want to consider the TOUR with 360L.


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onyX SiriusXM Receiver The original onyX receiver is back and is packaged with a complete vehicle kit

Probably one of our best selling receivers of all time. The onyX offers a digital display with 10 channel presets, OneTouch Jump, PowerConnect and more. This trusted receiver has made a comeback. We have a limited supply of SiriusXM factory refurbished units. Get yours today before supply runs out.

popular onyx satellite radio receiver

Satellite Raio Starmate8

Sirius Starmate 8 ReceiverA trus classic Sirius receiver packaged with a complete vehicle kit

The Starmate 8 receiver was one of the first Sirius receivers to offer the pause and rewind feature. This receiver was so popular it also has a cult following. If you have ever owned one you know what we are talking about. We have limited supply of SiriusXM factory refurbished units packaged with new vehicle kits. Be sure to order one today before supply runs out.


buy stratus 7 online

Sirius Stratus 7 Receiver The last Sirius platform receiver made

The Stratus 7 offers basic features in a small unit. With a 2 line display and low profile the SSV7 receiver is a sure fire solution for those who just want to listen to Sirius radio without all the bells and whistles the other receivers have to offer. Though the receiver is no longer in active production we do get supplies from time-to-time so we recommend to check the site on regular basis if you are looking to purchase one.


Satellite Radio Xpress

XM Radio Xpress ReceiverAnother classic XM Radio receiver brought back via refurbishment

The XM Xpress is one of the few receivers that has a knob on the front of the unit. If you are like so many who can't seem to press the exact button every time the Xpress was a "breath of fresh air" for those of us who have larger fingers. Like some of the other classics these come from the SiriusXM factory and are completely refurbished. Be sure to get one today.

Xpress Receiver

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XM Radio XpressEZ Receiver Xpress receiver sold individually for those looking to replace an old one

Probably the most basic XM receiver ever made. The XpressEZ was an offshoot of the Xpress receiver and designed to be a low cost receiver with very limited features. If you own one and have all the accessories and boomboxes for the receiver we recommend to pick one up before they are gone as supply is very limited. Get them while you can they won't last long.

Xpress EZ

Satellite Radio AGT Receiver

XM Radio AGT SportscasterThe only receiver left on the market with antenna headphons

The AGT Sportscaster came onto the market pre Sirius / XM merger and is one of the original true portable receivers. Not only is it the smalles reecivers available it is the only one with antenna headphones that connect to the side of the receiver. It also has a rechargable battery so you cane take the receiver on a walk or run. The headphones are the most comfortable but they work. The units are SiriusXM factory refurbished and supplies are limited so order one today before they are gone.

AGT receiver I can walk with

buy SXV300 online

XM Radio SXV300V1 Tuner For aftermarket SiriusXM Ready car stereo head-units

If you have a SiriusXM Ready car stereo and want to get SiriusXM service this is the tuner you need. The SXV300 is the translation module that goes between your car stereo and the satellite radio antenna. It decodes the signal from the antenna and translates it to the car stereo so you can listen to music, see channel and artist information. All of our units are brand new and include a satellite radio antenna in the package.

SiriusXM Radio Tuner Module

Satellite Radio OEM Factory Radio

OEM Factory Radio KitsThese kits replicate factory installed systems so you can use full vehicle controls

If you are looking to get SiriusXM in your car and want a clean installation then this is the kit for you. Use factory streering wheel controls ot change channel, browse categories and more. Supported vehicles include Alfa Romeo, Dodge, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, KIA, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes, Nissan, Porsche, Subaru, Toyota and Volkswagen.

car stereo module

buy Harley Davidson Satellite Radio online

SiriusXM Harley-Davidson Installation Kit This kit has direct integration with the Harley-Davidson Boom system

Have a Harley Road Glide, Electra Glide, or Street Glide and want SiriusXM Radio this is the kit for you. Use full factory controls, including steering wheel and Boom system controls to navigate and listen to SiriusXM service. The kit includes the SXV300 tuner, antenna, cables and is enclosed in a water tight box allowing for installation inside the fairing.

SiriusXM Radio Tuner Module for harley

Satellite Radio Polaris Ride Command

SiriusXM UTV & Ride Command Install KitsConnect to an existing sound system or directly to Ride Command to get SiriusXM

Those with side-by-side vehicles know the struggle to get good music while in the middle of nowhere. Our UTV installation kits allow you to directly connecto a sound system, Bluetooth speaker or even directly to Polaris Ride Command via the FM antenna port. Our kits work with any make and model of UTV.

Can AM RZR and other side by side vehicle kit

buy CommandeTouch Satellite Radio Receiver online

SiriusXM CommanderTouch This receiver offers a clean installation with a discreet display

If cleaing install is your game then the CommanderTouch is your receiver. It offers a full color touch screen display with a long cord so you can hide the tuner and only see the display on the dash. Store your favorite presets and change channels with ease with this unit. Works great for vehicles, boats, trucks, UTVs and other vehicles. Supplies are limited so order yours today.

SiriusXM Radio Commander Touch SXVCT1

XM Satellite Radio Direct Home Tuner XHD2H1

XM Radio Direct Home TunerGet SiriusXM Radio on a home theater sound system with this receiver

If you have a home theater tuner such as a SONY, ONKYO, Harmon Kardan, JVC, Denon, or other unit with a XM or SiriusXM Ready logo then this is the kit you need to get service. The XM Direct Tuner connects to the back of the stereo system into the micro USB port and the antenna goes outside or in a window facing south. This allows you to change channels and listed to SiriusXM directly on the theater system without needing any additional hardware.

Satellite Radio Tuner for SONY, ONKYO, Harmon Kardan, JVC, Denon