Satellite Radio Cables & Connectors for SiriusXM® Receivers

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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 products
PLSMB-F SiriusXM Satellite Radio Patch Cable converts RG6 to SMB to connect to a satellite radio receiver3 Foot Sirius XM Satellite Radio Adapter Cable F Connect to SMB with High quality SMB and F Connectors
SiriusXM Radio RG-6 F Connect to Female SMB Patch CableSKU: PLSMB-F
Sale price$14.95 Regular price$19.95
can be used with various antenna adaptersworks with all right angle antennas
FAKRA Adapter Connector for SIRIUS XM SMB AntennasSKU: SMBFKA
Sale price$12.95 Regular price$14.95
Pixel Technologies SMBF Coaxial F Connect Fitting to SMB JackConvert RG-6 coax cable to SMB to connect directly into a Satellite Radio antenna cable
SMB cable connected to the back of a SiriusXM Radio Home DockPLSMB-F 3 foot whip cable to convert from RG6 COAX cable down to SMB to plug into a Sirius XM Satellite Radio receiver, dock, and boombox
RG6 COAX SiriusXM Radio Antenna Conversion KitSKU: CCK1
Sale priceFrom $14.95
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Replacement Cable for SRTMM-01 SiriusXM Truck AntennaSirius XM Satellite Radio Replacement Truck Antenna Cable showing the SMA connector and the SMB connector
SiriusXM Replacement Truck Antenna CableSKU: SRCBL-01
Sale price$14.95
Polaris Ride Command AM FM Antenna Wiring Kit
SiriusXM Radio Polaris Ride Command Antenna Adapter KitSKU: PRC-KIT
Sale price$24.95
Harley-Davidson SiriusXM Radio Antenna ConnectorHarley-Davidson SiriusXM Radio Antenna Connector
SiriusXM Radio FAKRA Antenna Adapter for Harley DavidsonSKU: HARFKA
Sale price$12.95
FAKRA Antenna Adapter for Sirius and XM Radio AntennasFAKRA Antenna Adapter for Sirius and XM Radio Antennas
SiriusXM Radio FAKRA Antenna Adapter ConnectorSKU: PNK-1
Sale price$12.95 Regular price$14.95
RG6 fitting and SMB FittingRG6 fitting and SMB Fitting
SiriusXM Radio Male SMB to RG-6 F Connect Adapter CableSKU: CAF-SMB
Sale price$10.95 Regular price$12.95
Sirius XM Radio RG6 Conversion Kit, Sirius XM Radio SMB to RG6 Antenna converter connector, Satellite Radio Antenna converter connector for RG6 COAX cable, Satellite radio RG6 to SMB converter connectorF-Connect to SMB Plug
SiriusXM Radio RG6 COAX Antenna Conversion KitSKU: RGCOKT
Sale priceFrom $14.95
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SMB jackshown connected to RG6 cable and straight connector
SiriusXM Radio SMB Jack to RG6 ConnectorSKU: SMBRG
Sale price$9.95 Regular price$12.95
SiriusXM SMB to RG-6 F Connection AdapterSatellite Radio F Connect to SMB connector
SiriusXM Radio F-Connect to SMB Plug ConnectorSKU: FCJACK
Sale price$9.95
fitting attached to an extension cableSirius XM Radio Right Angle Antenna Adapter Connector
SiriusXM Radio Right Angle Antenna ConnectorSKU: SRADP
Sale price$9.99 Regular price$12.95
Z FARKA Connector Cable for Polaris Ride Command and other stereo systems
Z FAKRA Antenna Adapter for Polaris Ride Command and Other VehiclesSKU: PRC-FKA
Sale price$9.95 Regular price$24.95
Satellite Radio Direct Wire Kit for Polaris Ride Command and other UTV sound systemsSiriusXM Radio FM Relay Kit for Polaris Ride Command
Sale price$39.95

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