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3 foot RCA to Auxiliary Audio Cables
Stanley Price jr (Sacramento, US)
Stereo Noise

New cable fixed my issue! Got a lot of static humming noise from old cable but all is well now!

Thank you for the review. Glad it worked out.

SiriusXM onyX EZR Receiver with Car Kit
Leslie HOLLey (Raleigh, US)


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SiriusXM Bluetooth Home Kit for Dock and Play Receivers

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home receiver kit

works great!

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I have four of these

The compact antenna unit is perfect if you have "older sports cars" like I do without built in Sirius XM. I have "permanently" installed these (routed the wiring out of sight) and then use them with just one small portable XM radio that I place in whatever car I'm driving. They worked great even when driving in the mountains and the sleek design means they are hardly noticable.

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Just what I needed

Really enjoy having the clarity, still learning how to use, instructions could be more transparent, have not found a way to look up individual artists which would be much better. I have it mounted on my motorcycle so scrolling is not an option without stopping, if your going to continue making a kit for motorcycles the operation of the unit needs to be more visible and easier to operate.

Thank you for the review. We appreciate the feedback on the kit.

Sirius Radio 5 Volt Car Power Adapter
larry hollingsworth (Gurley, US)

Sirius Radio 5 Volt Car Power Adapter

Perfect fit!

The power cord works as advertised. Exactly what I needed and not too expensive.

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Works great for my tractor

This cradle enabled me to use Bluetooth earmuffs instead of the FM transmitter and radio earmuffs. The sound quality and connection/reception is much better!

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Superb Reception

The antenna is an unbelievable improvement over the stock XM antenna.

In open sky conditions the signal is always 100%. The signal almost never drops out now on mountain and forested roads unless the sky is completely blocked toward the satellites. Signal is restored several times faster than with the stock antenna.

The sound quality is much improved over the stock antenna. The sound is clearer and more dynamic.


[We live on the Best Coast]

Thank you for the great review!

Great antenna!

This antenna works great for my car satellite radio.

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Glad I bought it!

I made this purchase after chatting with a Sirius representative about which radio receiver would work with my older car. She was extremely helpful and I was able to purchase it with confidence. It works perfectly and much better than my old one. I also purchased a universal remote which makes life easier! Four stars****

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Great Low Cost Solution

Works perfectly for my Honda Goldwing. Much cheaper than the dealer installed version, and based on some discussion threads, it seems like this one actually gets better reception due to the fact that the dealer one is installed in a covered location inside the fairing, whereas this one can be mounted wherever you want.

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missing 4 screws

It is a great radio. The instructions require attaching the Dash Mount to the Vecicle Dock, using the 4 provided screws. THERE ARE NO SCREWS. I went to Lowes Hardware, the screws needed are metric: M4 - .70x10

Thank you for the review. We realized the screws were not part of the kit. We have now added them so customers will get them with future orders. We appreciate the feedback.

RG6 connectors

The RG6 connectors are doing their job really good they're very helpful, the one RG6 connectors on a coax cable, tell the ones on the boombox antenna cable,

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Best place to go for satellite radio

Got a satellite radio, 12 volt power cord and motorcycle antenna to mount to my zero turn mower. I used to use a Sportscaster receiver with headphone/antenna, but the sportscaster antenna wires, finer than hair, kept breaking, so have gone with a more sturdy setup. I mow for days at a time and can't get cell phone signal to use the SiriusXM App so this is my solution. Great product, great store and customer service!

Thank you for the great review!

new truck

works great

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Excellent product

Good product

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5 volt power

It works real good, it's keeping the receiver going, 📻, real good for 24/7 all music all time,

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SiriusXM Radio Roady BT Magentic Mount
Gonzalo Chavez (San Jose, US)
Magnetic mount for Roady.

Works perfect

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Bluetooth freedom

I can carry a speaker from room to room and enjoy SiriusXM radio throughout my home and the yard!

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1 Foot SiriusXM Radio Magnetic Antenna
Joe Mayernik (South Jordan, US)
No more Bird Nest!

Short and Sweet!

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Sirius XM Satellite Radio Boombox Power Supply Cord

Was exactly what I was looking for and needed. Extremely impressed how quickly it arrived.

Thank you for the great review!

SiriusXM onyX EZR Receiver with Car Kit
Lary Thomas (Inglewood, US)



SXHD1SIRIUSXM , The home dock for portable Receivers works very well for boombox that's been through a lot,

Thank you for the review and the picture.