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Ram ball mount

Works perfectly and enables me to use existing holders across all of my vehicles.

AM FM Band Separator
Thad (Melrose Park, US)
AM FM Band Separator Works

The separator is a unique product and works well. It is simple to set up and use.

Sirius Xm radio for motorcycle

Took the Sirius Xm radio out for its first ride last weekend. Never lost the satellite signal while riding in the Texas Hill Country, Easy to program and ease of operation while riding.

Thank you for the great review!

SiriusXM Replacement Truck Antenna Cable

Thank you for the review!

SiriusXM Radio 6 inch Right Angle Antenna Extension Cable


Thank you for the review!

Sirius XM Satellite Radio Boombox Power Supply
william davidson (Deep River, CA)
power supply

product was exactly as ordered. arrived quickly too. plugged it in and works perfectly as expected. i now have two boomboxes i can use, one in the basement and the other on the main floor so i can listen what ever part of the house i am in . definetly recommend satellite superstore.

Thank you for the review! We value your business.


Everything works great!

Thank you for the review!

Great Device

The Bluetooth dock sounds great in the car, the audio is crisp and clear. The only negative is that sometimes it take a few minutes to connect to the car, it will always connect but sometimes you start driving and after about two minutes it will start playing the music. This is not a big deal, and the sound quality is worth it!

XM Direct Home Tuner for XM Ready Home Stereos
David Kuzma (Cuyahoga Falls, US)

Locating the antenna indoors at a south facing window has proved to present poor reception. I haven't been able to get a chance to tr installing it outdoors to see if the reception will improve.

I am glad I have a place where I can find items for the XM radios, Thanks!

Items were returned

Returned items

Cannot review items I return them

SiriusXM Satellite Radio Motorcycle Antenna
Gregory Hartmann (San Antonio, US)
Small and compact

Used this on my Jeep Wrangler. Due to roof rack covered OEM antenna. So it mounted directly to top of rack. Perfect reception.

Broken spring

3 months mounted on the truck and the spring broke.

Good enough

The antenna is passive and that is what I wanted, The FM reception is good but AM has issues, Quad shield cable reception is better than dual shield cable. I plan to increase the height and hope this will improve the AM component.

Great place and good service.

Good people to work with.

The staff was very helpful.

not what I expected

case is nice...but my XM receiver and base aren't really secured...just zipped inside..and really cumbersome to remove

It works. I don't know what improvements were made to the antenna but it serves my purpose.

Sirius Radio 5 Volt Car Power Adapter
bernard massicotte (La Croche, CA)
sirius 5 Volt cigarette lighter power adaptor

Works good

Excellent. Replaced my old one that finally went out after many years of great service.


That’s exactly what I was looking for. Satellite radio is working now.

SiriusXM Satellite Radio Compact Motorcycle Kit

Good stuff! Glad someone makes these motorcycle kits. Makes for a clean, weatherproof installation.

SiriusXM Radio Home and Boombox Antenna
Anonymous (Vancouver, CA)
Antenna for Sirius radio boombox

Thx just what I needed, love listening to my radio.

Thank you for the reply

SiriusXM Radio Home and Boombox Antenna
Radio antenna for Sirius boombox

Just what I needed, thx. Now I can listen to my radio