Now you can take Satellite Radio on your motorcycle with one of our SiriusXM Radio Motorcycle Installation Kits.

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    SiriusXM Standard Motorcycle Bundles with Moto AntennaThese kits come packaged with our motorcycle antenna, protective case and 3 power options

    These kits are our best sellers by far. What makes these kit so unique is that it allows you to install the receiver and antenna in 2 different locations on the motorcycle. Whether you want to hide the receiver in a saddlebag or put the antenna on the the windshield or back of the bike. With this kit you have those options. Our standard motorcycle kit is offered without a receiver so if you have your own you can simply dock it down into the cradle. We also offer a version with the onyX Plus, onyX EZR, and AGT receiver.

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  • compact motorcycle and bike satellite radio bundle

    SiriusXM Radio Compact Motorcycle KitsCompact design with a single point of install that allows for installation on any motorcycle or bike

    The new SiriusXM Radio compact motorcycle kit allows you to install a dock and play SiriusXM receiver on a motorcycle or bike handlebars with one single point of installation. The antenna is neatly installed on the back of the case and the hanlebar clamp mount provides stability while riding. The weatherproof case offers protection from the elements and has a small hole in the bottom to allow the wires enter the case. The included dock allows the kit to work with the following receivers Edge, onyX, onyX EZ, onyX Plus, onyX EZR, onyXRCi, XpressRC, and XpressR, Mirge and TOUR receivers. We also offer packages with the Onyx Plus and Onyx EZR.

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    SiriusXM Radio Bluetooth Motorcycle BundlesConnect via Bluetooth to any motorcycle sound system or headset that is 4.1 A2DP compliant

    We have created motorcycle kits that include the Bluetooth PowerConnect Dock and Play SiriusXM Vehicle Dock so you can connect your SiriusXM receiver to your motorcycle sound system or headset. The dock is compatible with all Bluetooth 4.1 A2DP compliant Bluetooth stereos and offers simple operation with a single button on the front and a two-color LED with one touch Bluetooth pairing and on/off functions. The dock is compatible with select SiriusXM Radios and some legacy Radios so we encourage you to check the compatibility chart on each product page before purchasing. Click the shop now button below to learn more about the Bluetooth motorcycle kits we have to offer.

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  • handle bar mounted dock for motorcycle and bike installs

    Compact SiriusXM Radio Motorcycle Kit Without Protective Case A spin-off version of our popular compact kit without a case

    We took our compact kit and removed the case for a more low profile look and install. The kit allows you to quickly slide the receiver on and off the dock without needing to open a case. The kit also offer a single point of install with the handlebar mount connected to the back of the case. As with our full compact kit we included a magnetic antenna with a short cable so you don't have to mess with a ton of wire. The kit comes in a universal version with no receiver as well as a version with the onyx EZR and onyX Plus receivers.

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  • Satellite Raio Flexable Mount

    SiriusXM Radio Flex Mount Motorcycle KitPerfect kit for motorcycles that don't have standard handlebars

    This kit was created for those motorcycles that don't have standard type handlebars. The flex mount kit allows you to install the kit under a mirror post or other screw down location on the bike. The kit includes an L bracket and magentic antenna with short cable along with a docking cradle and power options. We offer the kit without a receiver and also with teh Onyx Plus and onyX EZR receivers.

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