SiriusXM™ Radio Marine Antenna with Pole Mast

XMM4 SiriusXM Radio Marine Antenna with Pole Mast
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Pole mast marine antenna
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The XMM4 is a high gain SiriusXM™ Radio marine antenna designed to handle the harsh environment of both salt and fresh water boating. The antenna is ground plane independent and can be mounted in a variety of locations on a boat or ship. It features a waterproof and corrosion resistant housing and comes with 30 foot reinforced marine grade antenna cable.

Product Details

  • Waterproof - No need to worry about water damage to your antenna thanks to the incredible durability of this XMM4
  • Multiple Mounting Options - This antenna is designed to be mounted on a variety of locations specific to marine watercraft and still receive a clear signal
  • Extended Cable Length - The XMM4 comes with a 30 foot cable allowing you to mount your antenna a good distance away from your receiver for optimum reception
  • XM APPROVED - Per specification XM-TEC-3-0009-2-RD

Compatible Receivers

Technical Specs

  • Model #: XMM4
  • Manufacturer: Pixel Technologies
  • Dimensions: 10.25 inches high
  • Weight: 0.25 lbs w/out Cable  

Package Includes

  • XM Radio Antenna
  • 30 feet of cable
  • SMB connector
  • Mounting base

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