TERK XMICRO 2 XM Radio Car Antenna Custom Connector

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If you have a pink FAKRA connector on your Sirius or XM Radio receiver this is the antenna and connector you need to get service. This antenna comes with a custom designed FAKRA connector that allows for ANY antenna to be used with a satellite radio receiver that has a FAKRA. The supplied gold fitting goes between the FAKRA housing on the receiver and the SMB plug on the antenna. You can also use this connector with a factory installed satellite radio antenna to connect to ANY satellite radio receiver.

Product Overview

  • The supplied custom FAKRA connector allows this antenna to work with any single lead cradle or receivers with pink FAKRA housing
  • Magnetic mounting with rubberized feet
  • Installs instantly without drilling into your vehicle.
  • Includes a 23 foot micro-coax cable
  • Can be routed around window moldings and through access holes for a professional, low-profile installation.

Compatible Receivers

Technical Specs

  • Model #: XMICRO
  • Manufacturer: SiriusXM™ Radio
  • Dimensions: 23' long
  • Weight: 4oz

Package Includes

  • XMicro Vehicle Antenna

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
SQC (Austin, US)
Pretty good so far

My husband was able to install in my car. Didn't receive the 2 sided stick to have the receiver on the dash. He added it within the side by the airbags. It s been a couple of days., I think the receiver is 'still learning' the signal bc it drops for a second here and there.but better than it was with total signal loss.

Thank you for the review. It is highly recommended to install the antenna outside the vehicle on the roof to optimize signal. If you install the antenna inside the vehicle it will cause signal loss.

R.M. (Katy, US)
2015 Nissan Murano SiriusXM reception issues with OEM antenna

Hello, my wife and I own a 2015 Nissan Murano. It is a great vehicle overall but one of the nagging issues which has driven me crazy has been the problem with XM reception via the OEM antenna located on the rear roof of the vehicle under the sharfkin. The problem has been persistent until recently when I discussed with the SRS customer support team and they recommended a TERK XMICRO 2 aftermarket antenna assembly. I ordered one and I installed it myself yesterday and I now have 3 full bars on the XM signal meter on screen and no longer experience any issues with XM reception. Using the supplied gold tip adapter, you simply unplug the OEM pink antenna plug from the back of the head unit and install this TERK antenna gold tip adapter plug and cable. I ran the cable behind the glove box and pulled the trim pieces near the windshield and hid the cable so the only thing you see in the car is the little XM antenna meatball.

Problem solved! After much frustration of dealing with the Nissan dealer and having them replace the OEM antenna and still have issues with reception, this little inexpensive gadget did the trick!

Thanks to the SRS team for helping me solve this nagging problem!

The link to order one is below:


Thank you for the detailed review. Enjoy your SiriusXM service.

Anonymous (Indio, US)
Can't speak the product...but service was fantastic

The radio intended for the antenna was faulty so I did not have the chance to "test" the function. I will say the service and attention by the folks at Satellite Radio Superstore was GREAT! They went above and beyond helping me sort out my problem and in spite of all gratefully refunded my purchase.

Thank you for the great review!


The original infiniti xm receiver started dropping the signal in areas that were previously fine. Replacing the factory antenna was really expensive and difficult. Ordered this TERK xmicro2 magnetic antenna and tested in the driveway.... reception improved dramatically. No more low signal dropouts. Installation was easy... plug in the pink fakra connector in the trunk and mount the ant on roof. Problem resolved at a fraction of dealer cost

Great Reception

This custom combination of the XM micro antenna with gold connection adapter for older versions of XM tuners is the perfect setup. The antenna gets great reception too.

Great Reception

This custom combination of the XM micro antenna with gold connection adapter for older versions of XM tuners is the perfect setup. The antenna gets great reception too.

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