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The SXDH4 is the latest SiriusXM Radio home accessory kit for Dock-n-Play radios and receivers. The SXDH4 is backwards and forwards compatible and works with Sirius, XM, or SiriusXM™ radios and receivers. SXDH4 allows you take the great music, news, and entertainment you enjoy so much in your car through your plug and play receiver into your home, the office, in an RV or any place with AC power outlet. Installation is simple and only takes few minutes and with the included RCA audio cable you can hear all your favorite channels through virtually any home audio system or powered speakers.

Product Overview

  • Use It Anywhere - Bring Satellite Radio home or take it with you to the office: Just hook this kit up to your existing stereo system, or a set of powered speakers and you can use your Dock & Play Radio to listen to your favorite programming at home or at the office.
  • One Subscription - No need for a second subscription: If you already have a Dock & Play radio, you don't need to get a second subscription. With this kit, you can use the same Dock & Play Radio you have in your vehicle to listen at home or at the office.
  • Universally Compatible - Listen with any audio system: Works with any stereo system or set of powered speakers that have audio input jacks.
  • Works with all Sirius and XM Receivers.

Compatible Receivers

  • Audiovox OnyX, OnyX EZ, OnyX Plus
  • Audiovox Xpress, Xpress EZ, XpressR, XpressRC, XpressRCi
  • Delphi SKYFI3
  • Delphi Roady XT (FM Frequency menu does not work)
  • SiriusXM Edge
  • Sirius Sportster 5, Sportster 6
  • Sirius Starmate 3, Starmate 4, Starmate 5, Starmate 6, Starmate 7, Starmate 8
  • Sirius Stiletto 10, Stiletto 100
  • Sirius Stiletto 2,
  • Sirius Stratus 4, Stratus 5, Stratus 6, Stratus 7
  • Sirius Stratus SV3
  • SiriusXM MiRGE
  • SiriusXM TOUR with 360 L

Technical Specs

  • Model #: SXDH4
  • Manufacturer: SiriusXM® Radio
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight: 2 pounds

Package Includes

  • Home Dock
  • Indoor/Outdoor Home Antenna with 22 foot cable
  • Home Power Adapter
  • Stereo Audio Cable
  • Universal Remote Control
  • TOUR Remote Control

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