SiriusXM Satellite Radio Factory Installed Antenna

Can I use my factory installed antenna with an aftermarket SiriusXM® tuner or receiver?

antennaMatt Moffett
We get asked all the time if a factory installed car antenna can be used with an aftermarket Sirius, XM or SiriusXM® antenna. The answer is maybe... we cover all the reasons why the antenna would or would not work with a new SiriusXM radio or receiver.
Pixel Technologies PRO500 and PRO600 SiriusXM Satellite Radio Commercial Grade Antennas

Does Your SiriusXM Home Signal Cut In and Out?

antennaCustomer Support
If your SiriusXM signal cuts out you may need to upgrade your antenna. Checkout our high gain satellite radio antennas that pull in the best signal possible.
Different Types of SiriusXM Satellite Radio Connectors

What Connection Is On My SiriusXM Antenna?

AntennaCustomer Support
Are you wondering what connection is on your SiriusXM antenna? We will discuss four different types of connections. Knowing what connection you hav...

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