SiriusXM Satellite Radio Factory Installed Antenna

Can I use my factory installed antenna for SiriusXM®?

Answer: Maybe...

We know the answer is not clear cut but we get this question asked of us all the time. But to understand if a Factory Installed Vehicle Antenna can be used with a Portable SiriusXM® Receiver or Other SiriusXM® Tuner we need to answer a couple of questions.

Did the car come with SiriusXM® installed at the factory?
  • If SiriusXM® was installed at the factory then the OEM antenna on the vehicle will have the circuitry installed to decode SiriusXM® signals.
  • If the answer to this question is No it is more likely that there is no circuitry in the antenna for decoding SiriusXM signals and you will need to install a new SiriusXM® antenna to get signal.
  • If the answer to this question is Yes then we need to consider some additional things which are listed below.
Possible SiriusXM® OEM Antenna Solutions
If the vehicle has a factory installed antenna then you need to consider the following situations in order to successfully install satellite radio in the vehicle.
  • Does the antenna have a single lead or dual lead cable?
  • Does the vehicle have GPS?
  • What type of FAKRA connector is on the cable(s)?
Single Lead Cable with GPS
If the antenna has a single lead cable and the vehicle has GPS then you will not be able to use the factory installed antenna to connect to a SiriusXM® Radio receiver. SiriusXM® Radio receivers do not have the ability to decode GPS signals and can cause SiriusXM® Radio service to cut out. The recommendation in this instance would be to Install a new SiriusXM™ Radio magnetic car antenna on the vehicle.

Single Lead Cable No GPS
If the antenna has a single lead cable and no GPS then there is a possibility that the antenna can be used to connect to a portable SiriusXM receiver or other SiriusXM® tuner. You may need a special connector to make it work but if you contact us we can assist you in determining which connector you may need.

Dual Lead Cable with GPS
If the OEM antenna is a dual lead cable and the vehicle has GPS then you may be able to use the satellite radio side of the cable but there is no guarantee it will work.

Dual Lead Cable No GPS
In this situation the antenna has a side for satellite and a side for terrestrial. In this case you can use the satellite side of the antenna. Keep in mind if you do this that when you are in an area where the antenna is blocked from line of site to the satellite you will not get service as the terrestrial side of the antenna is not connected.
Understanding FARKA Connectors and Sirius XM Satellite Radio Factory Installed Antennas
Understanding FARKA Connectors
Typically OEM antennas have a square or round FAKRA connector on it. The hardest part in dealing with OEM antennas is that each manufacturer handles them differently. If your antenna has a round or square FAKRA with a standard SMB connector then you can use our FAKRA adapter and connect any SiriusXM® Radio antenna. If your antenna has a square FAKRA and square connector then you will need to purchase an adapter that is specific to that connector to connect to SMB. Typically these connectors are available at your local dealership and some auto parts stores.
If are unsure about the connectors in your vehicle contact us for assistance.
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