Different Types of SiriusXM Satellite Radio Connectors

Are you wondering what connection is on your SiriusXM antenna? We will discuss four different types of connections. Knowing what connection you have and whether you need an adapter for your antenna can often be difficult, but we are here to help.

 SMB female connection. 

SiriusXM Satellite Radio SMB Connector

FAKRA connections are still SMB female on the inside, however they have a FAKRA housing/locking clip around the connector. The FAKRA clip only serves as a way to ensure the connection does not come lose. Our adapter FAKRA Adapter Cable for SIRIUS XM SMB Antennas | SMB_FKA FAKRA Antenna Adapter Connector Plug for Pioneer & older receivers docks cradles (xm-radio-satellite.com) can be used with the standard vehicle and standard home antenna to work with any FAKRA connection no matter what color, with the exception of Toyota factory connections Our FAKRA adapter would be used on a home antenna if you have a boombox that has plastic that would block the antenna from fully plugging into the device. 

Marine SiriusXM devices, devices that have both SiriusXM and GPS or the connection to truck antennas is going to be SMA Male(pictured below). 

Satellite Radio SMA Male Connector

Long SiriusXM extensions are RG6 size cable. This connection is F-male connectors(pictured below). If you want to extend a standard home or vehicle antenna with heavier cable, then you will want to use quad shielded RG6 and our conversion kit COAX to SMB COAX SiriusXM Radio Antenna Extension Kit (xm-radio-satellite.com)


RG6 Coaxial F-Male Connector


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