SiriusXM™ Radio Flush Mount Antenna - The New Kid on the Block for SiriusXM™ Radio Antennas

The SiriusXM Radio Flush Mount Antenna is designed with a post mounting system that allows you to drill a hole into surface and have a completely clean and flush installation.

SiriusXM RV Antenna

The antenna is perfect for:

  • RV's
  • Trucks
  • Boats
  • and other vehicles

The SiriusXM Radio Flush Mount RV Truck Antenna, with a patent pending design, features a removable and changeable center post that screws on the antenna base allowing for installations with different roof and surface thickness. The antenna base is a high quality rubber that keeps out water and moisture. On the inside there is a plastic washer, metal washer, and nut to keep the inside of the antenna base secure. The antenna has a 6 inch cable with an SMA connector coming from the bottom of the antenna post. By using an SMA connector it allows the connections to be screwed together so you don't have to worry about the antenna connections coming apart after installation.

satellite radio center post flush mount antenna

What to expect with a SiriusXM™ Flush Mount Antenna

  • This new SiriusXM™ Radio antenna is specifically designed to deliver the highest quality signal with the smallest design.
  • Provides full high performance required for perfect reception of all channels
  • Installs on any Truck or RV roof made of wood, fiberglass, rubber, etc.
  • Designed to install through any roof up to 3-1/2" thick
  • Installs on angled/sloped surface up to 20 degrees while staying vertical
  • Small, compact, strong fits on any clear space on the roof

4 inch tall truck and rv satellite radio antenna

You are looking at the latest in SiriusXM™ antenna technology!

  • Filters out wifi and 4G LTE cellular signals which interfere with SiriusXM signals
  • This antenna works with all Sirius and XM Radio Platform Receivers
  • Specifically designed to endure the strong winds
  • Simple installation
  • New cone design with reinforced slots to give the cone more strength
  • Stronger amplifier to pull in signals under trees
  • Improved cable seal and cable support
  • New watertight construction
  • Stronger more robust low loss cable
  • Meets the new specifications for SiriusXM Radio antenna reception

Sirius XM Satellite Radio High Gain RV Antenna

Package Includes:

  • SiriusXM Flush Mount Antenna
  • 15 or 25 Foot Antenna Cable
  • Rubber Base
  • Plastic Washer
  • Metal Washer
  • Nut
  • Adjustable Bases for Different Surface Angles

Installing the SiriusXM™ Flush Mount Antenna

We have compiled a detailed installation guide to make it easy for you to install the SiriusXM™ Flush Mount Antenna into your RVs, trucks, boats and more.

For a more detailed and in-depth guide, you can refer to the following installation, quick start and user guides:

Download the SiriusXM™ Flush Mount Antenna Installation Guide:
SXMFMA75 Installation Instructions (PDF)


Get high quality radio signal with SiriusXM® Flush Mount Antenna

Upgrade your RVs, trucks, boats and more with high quality SiriusXM radio signal. 

Get one through the link below:

Note: Be sure to select the antenna cable length above the Add to Cart button. The antenna comes with either a 15 foot RG158 antenna cable with an SMB connector on the end or a 30 foot RG6 COAX cable with an adapter fitting. This allows you to plug into the SiriusXM Radio antenna port on your receiver or docking cradle.

Feel free to contact us through (407) 657-8777 for inquiries. You can also reach us through our live chat or send us a message through our Contact page.

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