Sirius XM Radios Aren't Just For Your Car Anymore


Did you know that Sirius and XM Radio used to be separate companies? That’s right, back in 2001, XM Radio was the first company to launch a satellite that would be solely dedicated to providing uninterrupted broadcasts for people who were tired of traditional radio. Then, four months later, Sirius launched its own satellite and started offering a competitive service.

Eventually, however, the two companies realized that they’d be stronger together, and so they merged into one entity--Sirius XM Radio--that now offers the best that satellite radio has to offer. A lot has changed since that first satellite was sent into orbit, and we’re not just talking about the merger.

For instance, you may be surprised to know that Sirius XM Radios are no longer limited for use while inside vehicles! That’s right, your Sirius car radio is now simply a portable radio that can be used inside your home or anywhere else you might want access to customized music and talk stations.

Let’s take a look at some of the more unexpected places in which it might come in handy to have a Sirius XM Radio stations, as well as the accessories you may need to get there.

Your Office

Do you like your boss but loathe their taste in music? Is your department still listening to traditional radio broadcasts, always lunging for the volume controls anytime a commercial starts blaring over the loudspeakers? Get rid of these annoying issues once and for all when you bring your Sirius XM radio into the office! Shop our full selection of boomboxes and docking stations to see how easy it can be to enjoy your subscription while at work.

Your Recreational Vehicle

Do you enjoy taking road trips in your Class A RV? Do you wait all year to be able to take your buddies out on the lake in your fishing boat? If so, you’ll be pleased to learn that your Sirius XM Radio can accompany you on all of these adventures. All you need is a specialized receiver, a properly-installed antenna, and a subscription to Sirius XM Satellite Radio service. While we can’t provide the subscription for you, the Satellite Radio Superstore can provide the other two elements at an affordable price!

Your Motorcycle

Love feeling the wind in your hair as you zip along the roadways on your hog or racing bike? Now, traveling in an open air vehicle no longer means sacrificing the Sirius XM Radio that you love! Satellite Radio Superstore offers multiple installation and antenna kits that make it easy to enjoy Sirius XM Radio on your motorcycle.

Your Home Gym

Do you dream lifting weights or running on the treadmill in your home gym? Maybe it’s because you don’t have any good tunes or interesting talk radio to take your mind off of your aching muscles! With our docking kits and home antenna extensions, flawless Sirius XM radio enjoyment can be yours even while you’re sweating through your headband.

Shop our full selection of receivers, antennas, parts, and accessories for Sirius XM Radios online today.

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