Answers To 4 Frequently Asked Questions About Satellite Radio Antennas


Here at Satellite Radio Superstore, it’s fairly accurate to say that we’re obsessed with all things related to Sirius XM radio service. We love the fact that you can take your Sirius XM radio service with you just about anywhere you go, and that satellite radio subscriptions allow you to eliminate the annoyance of on-air commercials from your life.

With Sirius XM radio, you have the ability to customize your subscription to include just the stations you want to listen to, and with the Sirius XM radio parts and accessories available here at the Satellite Radio Superstore, DIY installation and upgrading is a breeze!

Keep reading to learn more about satellite radio antennas and get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about this essential element of the Sirius XM experience!

Why Do I Need A Special Antenna For Satellite Radio?

One thing many of our customers want to know is why then need a special antenna to receive satellite radio signals in their car. After all, modern cars already come with radio antennas, so why install a second one?”[U]nlike FM radio and HD radio, satellite radio and FM radio aren't broadcast on the same frequency bands. This is why you don't need a special HD radio antenna, but you do need a special satellite radio antenna,” explains Jeremy Laukkonen for

Where’s The Best Place To Install My Sirius Antenna?

The best place to install a Sirius XM antenna will depend on whether you’re placing it in a home or vehicle, and what type of vehicle it is. When installing a satellite radio antenna in a vehicle, the best location is the roof, just above the back window or windshield. Make sure it’s at least 3 inches from any other antenna.

Why Does My XM Radio Receiver Say ‘Antenna Disconnected’ Or ‘Antenna Not Detected’?

You worked hard to install your XM radio antenna properly, so why is your receiver display telling you the antenna is disconnected or not there at all? In most cases, all it takes to eliminate this error message is to reset your receiver by turning it on then off. If that doesn’t work, check to make sure the connection between receiver and antenna hasn’t been accidentally loosened. If problems persist, you may want to have the system looked at by a car audio professional.

What Are Satellite Radio Antenna Extensions For?

Whether you use your Sirius XM radio inside your home or car, it’s possible that you will experience weak signals every now and again. Using a satellite radio antenna extension may be just the thing you need to boost the signal and enjoy uninterrupted service. We carry a full selection of satellite radio antenna extensions here at Satellite Radio Superstore.

No matter what you’re looking for to begin or enhance your satellite radio listening experience, the Satellite Radio Superstore is your top choice for receivers, antennas, parts, accessories, and installation kits. 

We cut out the middleman to keep our prices low and offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50! Shop now.

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