How To Choose An Installer For Your Satellite Radio Antenna

Here at the Satellite Radio Superstore, we’re proud of the fact that we’ve helped thousands of people find the satellite radio antennas, receivers, and accessories they’re looking for at a price that can’t be beat. There’s no reason that you should always have to be roped into paying retail prices for your satellite radio needs just because electronics dealers want to make a profit. While we can supply you with all the parts and accessories you need, there’s one aspect of satellite radio we CAN’T help you with: getting your Sirius XM radio installed.

Although we don’t provide this service for you, we can try to make the process go more smoothly by helping you choose the right installation professional. Keep reading to learn more and start shopping for your new Satellite radio antenna today!

Installing A Satellite Radio Isn’t Your Only Option

First of all, we want to be perfectly clear: getting a satellite radio antenna installed by a professional isn’t your only option. You could a) install the radio and antenna yourself or b) you could purchase a new vehicle that comes with a satellite radio antenna and receiver already installed. The former option is very resourceful (but do you really have the skills it will take?) and the latter option is very convenient (but are you really in the market for a new car right now?). However, if neither of those options are right for you, you’re left with c) hire a professional to install your satellite radio for you.

Why Does It Matter Who Installs Your Satellite Radio Antenna?

Perhaps you may be wondering why it’s so important to hire a professional to complete the installation process. After all, you’ve already got the radio (thanks to the easy ordering and FREE SHIPPING available right here at Satellite Radio Superstore), so why can’t you just call a buddy, read the directions, and try it yourself?

The reason we always recommend that our customers use a professional, Sirius XM Radio approved installer is that it helps to avoid common issues that may take away from your enjoyment of the device. Problems with antenna installation and connections to the receiver are the number one reason for service interruptions, which means listening to silence or your screaming kids instead of wonderful, commercial-free programming. The other reason that we recommend professional installation is that it can sometimes require permanent modification to your car, not to mention messing around with important electrical components. Do you really want to leave that up to an amateur? We thought not.

Speaking of amateurs, let’s take a look at some of the people you should NEVER rely on for satellite radio antenna installation.

Never Trust These People To Install Your Satellite Radio Antenna

Your Buddy Who Works At Jiffy Lube

Just because he can complete an oil change and air filter replacement in 23 minutes or less doesn’t necessarily mean he’s qualified to install your satellite radio antenna. Even though he might tell you it’s “easy” and he’s done it “three times before” you can’t really be sure that your buddy will know what he’s doing. Even AFTER he reads the directions. Satellite radio installation professionals have completed hundreds of projects and they never have to jimmy things together with electrical tape.

Your Dad Who Rebuilt A 1967 Ford Mustang

Even though we totally respect your dad (and want to drive his Mustang very much) it’s important to point out that cars, not to mention radios, are quite a bit more sophisticated than they used to be in the 1960s. The electrical systems and computers are very complex and all it takes is disconnecting the wrong wire to bring everything grinding to a halt. Satellite radio installation professionals are up to date with the latest car AND radio technology, so that everything works together harmoniously.

Your Neighbor Who’s Always Working On His Car...Shirtless

This neighbor has figured out that hanging out with no shirt on, messing about under the hood of a vehicle is a great way to attract attention from ladies passing by, but don’t you think that if he REALLY knew how to work on cars, he would have fixed his by now? We recommend leaving your satellite radio antenna installation up to the professionals because they’re obligated to do the job correctly the first time. If something goes wrong, you’ll have at least a little recourse to march back in there and demand that they make it right. Not so with Shirtless Wonder Boy.

Shop For Satellite Radio Antennas Now!

Hopefully, this humorous post has helped you to see how important it is to seek out the pros when it comes to installation of your new device. After all, you chose to order your satellite radio antenna from us, the best in the business, so why should you settle for anything less when it comes to installation?

We carry some of the best-selling satellite radio antennas in the industry. We seek out only the best quality Sirius XM radios, antennas, and accessories, which means that when you buy from us, you know you’ll be getting a product that will provide you with years of enjoyment. 

We make it easy to buy XM radio antennas online (which saves you money) and then you can take it to the qualified installer of your choosing to complete the process! With help from the Satellite Radio Superstore, you’ll be grooving to commercial-free music and enjoying the best of talk radio everywhere you go.

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