Reasons To Invest In Sirius XM Radio For Your Business

In most of our blogs, we’ve discussed the way that Sirius XM radios can bring joy to your commute, a long road trip, or your stay in an RV park. But Sirius XM radio isn’t just for your vehicle anymore. With the development of Sirius portable radios and the option for streaming satellite radio channels online, it’s now possible to enjoy your subscription in your home, your office, or even your place of business!

Sirius XM Radio Delivers Multiple Benefits For Your Business

You might be wondering if Sirius XM radio for your business is really worth the investment. After all, you could just turn on the FM radio or attach some speakers to your laptop and run the free Pandora subscription all day. But is this really the best option for your customers and employees? Keep reading to learn why we think that Sirius XM radio is a great investment that can really help you business to grow and thrive, then shop our full selection of Sirius portable radio accessories today!

Keep in mind that we’re writing this from the perspective of clothing stores, restaurants, and other retail businesses that operate a physical location, but we think that the same benefits of satellite ratio apply anytime you have people (employees or customers) in your place of business for long periods of time.

Solidify Your Brand

You’ve probably heard it over and over again, from your social-media obsessed nephew and your marketing executive cousin--branding is everything. If you don’t have a solid, identifiable brand, customers may not be as likely to choose you or your products over the competition. Music can be a very effective way to solidify your unique brand in the minds of your customers.

Want to come across carefree and laid back? Tune your Sirius XM radio to a pop station. Running a toy store? You’ve got to play some kid-friendly music that will get the little ones excited. Looking to reinforce an elegant, classy brand identify? It’s easy when you have classical instrumental music playing!

Build A Positive Atmosphere

According to marketing experts, “quality of shopping experience” has become one of the most important factors in people’s decisions about where to shop. No longer is it enough to have better prices or a more diverse selection of products. Now you also have to make people feel something when they enter your retail location.

“Music plays a big role in creating and enhancing the retail experience, to the point that four out of five small retailers believe that they would damage their store’s atmosphere if they stopped playing music,” reports LS Retail. Amazing!

Set The Shopping Pace

How do you want people to act while they’re in your store? Do you want them to spend a long time wandering and browsing? Or do you want them to feel excited, dashing about from display to display? You can encourage your customers to adopt your preferred shopping pace simply by altering the music that’s coming out of your Sirius XM radio! You can even choose one type of music when it’s very busy, encouraging shoppers to make faster decisions, and another type of music when volume is low, encouraging them to linger.

Shorten Waiting Times

Long lines at the checkout counter are both a blessing and a curse. It’s a good thing because it means that you’re busy and a lot of people are making purchases, but it’s also a bad thing because it means that people are having to wait a long time in line and may be getting restless. The best way to avoid losing sales because the lines are long is to play good music! “Music can affect people’s perception of time. A long queue will feel shorter if there is good music playing in the background,” continues LS Retail. “When people are entertained, they are less likely to get bored or annoyed – and likelier to return.”

Increase Productivity

As we mentioned in the beginning of this post, music in your place of business doesn’t only create benefits for your customers. Research has also shown that playing music in the workplace can inspire increased productivity from your employees and managers as well! Other studies reinforce these findings, showing that music increases morale, concentrations, and creativity.

Want to boost your business in a simple and relatively cost-effective way? Purchase a Sirius XM Radio for your office or retail location today.

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