Meet the New Breed of SiriusXM Truck Antennas

SiriusXM Radio Truck Antennas Just Got an Upgrade!

It could be said that the same old Satellite Radio truck antennas needed an upgrade. Well... our sister company Pixel Technologies, Inc. has broken the mold with their new line of SiriusXM Radio truck antennas. These new antennas outperform traditional SiriusXM antennas and the so-called "truck antennas" (which are typically car antennas on a post). They feature a quad helix ribbon element inside the upper mast of the antenna creating a larger reception area. Plus the new truck antennas are up to date with the new specifications from SiriusXM and now filter out WiFi and 4GLTE signals which optimizes signal signal reception through advanced filtering. There really is no comparison when it comes to SiriusXM truck antennas.


As of the writing of this article you can pick up one of these bad boys in three different sizes, 16 inch, 28 inch and 48 inch. The antenna specifications and elements are the same with the only difference being the amount of flex tubing added to the mast and the addition of a super spring on the 48 inch model. 

Antenna Specifications:

  • Works with all Satellite Radio Receivers
  • Strong Extended Tubing with Super Strong Spring
  • Easy Installation on Truck Mirror Arm Mount or Support Bar
  • Watertight Construction
  • Attached 16 Foot Low Loss Cable with SMB Connector
  • Includes All Installation Hardware
  • Specifically Designed to Endure the Strong Wind Currents and Abuse and Deliver the Highest Possible Signal Quality

SXMT16 Satellite Radio Truck Antenna

Buy the SXMT16 Sirius XM Radio Truck RV antenna online

SXMT16 SiriusXM Satellite Radio Truck Antenna

SXMT28 Satellite Radio Truck Antenna

Buy the SXMT28 Satellite Radio RV and Truck Antenna Online

SXMT28 SiriusXM Radio Truck Antenna

SXMT50 Satellite Radio Truck Antenna

Buy the SXMT50 Sirius XM Radio RV and Truck Antenna with Spring Online

SXMT50 Sirius XM Satellite Radio Truck RV Antenna


Each antenna comes with a universal mirror bar mount allowing the antenna to install to traditional mirror arm bars. The mounting bracket can also be modified to allow the antenna to be bolted to the side of a vehicle in to a metal sheet or plate.

The "Super Spring"

Model SXMT50, the 48 inch antenna, comes with a super spring and removable mounting bracket allowing it to be directly installed to a ProComm mirror arm plate. This comes in handy if the vehicle does not have traditional mirrors.

This bad boy is the tallest SiriusXM Radio ever made at 48 inches tall. If you have a vehicle that needs high clearance to get signal this is the antenna you need.

You can browse all of our truck and RV antennas here. 

Thank you to all the truckers that keep this great country moving forward!

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