3 Exciting Things You Didn't Know About Sirius XM Radios

How did you get to work today? 

If you’re like most Americans, you probably got into your car and drove there yourself. According to a study published by Harvard University’s Health Watch, the average American spends over 100 minutes driving in their car every day...that’s nearly 38,000 hours in a lifetime! 

These precious minutes include your commute, picking up the kids at soccer practice, and taking your significant other out on a date to that new sushi restaurant two towns over. With all that time spent in the car, we’ve got to ask, what are you doing to entertain yourself?

Lots of people listen to the radio in the car, which means enduring hundreds of hours of commercials and the annoying voice of your local disc jockey. It also means dealing with the frustration of static and radio stations completely disappearing when you’re on long road trips.

For years now, people have been trading in the annoyance of traditional radio for the glorious clarity and variety offered by Sirius XM Radios. With a Sirius radio installed in your car, you have hundreds of channels to choose from instead of just a handful. You can also enjoy commercial-free music instead of feeling like you’re trapped in your car with a talking billboard. But that’s not all!

Keep reading to discover some of the exciting things you probably didn’t know you could do with Sirius XM radios, then, shop the Satellite Radio Superstore for SiriusXM receivers, antennas, parts, and accessories!

They Can Help You Win Fantasy Football

That’s right, Sirius XM radio subscriptions now include the option of Fantasy Sports Radio, which can keep you up with all the scorers and sleepers throughout a variety of fantasy sports. If you’re the kind of sports fan who’s in multiple leagues but doesn’t really have the time to be scouring the internet for injury updates and expert spin, this station option will help keep you up to date with all the info you need!

They Can Give You Access To Exclusive Music

Can’t make it to the latest and greatest music festivals this year? Stations on your Sirius XM radio will often be live at the event, broadcasting everything from late night sets from your favorite DJ to backstage interviews with the band you’ve loved for years...all without the price of a ticket or the agony of using a festival port-o-pottie late at night!

They Can Liven Up Your House Party

Planning some extra fun festivities for the holidays? Finally going home to visit your parents after promising you would for the past three years? Well, we hope you realize that you can take your Sirius XM radio with you! That’s right, with accessories like the Sirius Stratus 7 Home & Car Receiver Kit and the XM onyX EZ Receiver with Car Kit & Boombox Bundle, taking your favorite channels and talk shows home for the holidays is easy-peasy.

Shop The Satellite Radio Superstore For All Your Sirius XM Radio Needs!

Well there you have it! Whether you’re already a Sirius XM Radio subscriber or you’re thinking about upgrading your car’s audio system to include a portable radio, we hope that this article has helped you to see all the ways that Sirius XM service can make time in the car (and at home!) more enjoyable. 

Shop our full selection of receivers and accessories today!

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