Essential Accessories For XM Radio Addicts


Having a Sirius XM Receiver changes everything. As we detailed in a previous post, these portable radios allow you to limit commercials while providing hundreds of music and talk channels that are customized to your individual tastes! 

Want to win the Fantasy Football league at work this year? XM radio has a channel for that. Want to listen in on the music festival you forgot to buy tickets for? XM radio has a channel for that. Want to bring your favorite XM radio stations inside with you when you get home? Thanks to the XM radio accessories we sell online here at Satellite Radio Superstore, you can do that too!

In fact, in this article, we’d like to take a closer look at some of our XM Radio Accessories, and discuss the impact their functionality can have on your listening experience! Remember if you ever have any questions about using or replacing any of our XM radio accessories, you can contact our knowledgable team any time via this page.

OK, let’s dive in and look at some of our favorite radio accessories for XM addicts (and those who want to be)!

XM Radio Installation Tools

If you’re not yet an XM Radio subscriber, but if you’re seriously considering it, you might be interested to know that you don’t have to pay a mechanic or car audio specialist to install it! Not only does Satellite Radio Superstore carry a full selection of installation kits for Sirius XM Receivers, we have all of those hard-to-find  installation tools, like specific screws and removal tools for European vehicle models. Don’t get frustrated and give up on your DIY installation halfway through the process! Shop our XM radio accessories today.

XM Radio Antenna Extensions

As we’ve discussed before, Sirius XM Radios are designed to go from your car or motorcycle to your home or office, providing seamless access to the broadcasting your love. However, if you’ve noticed that your reception isn’t as strong when using the device outside your car, we’ve got some XM radio accessories that may be able to help. Our weather-resistant  Home Antenna Extensions increase the length of your antenna cable so that you can get crystal-clear reception inside as well!

Portable Boomboxes For XM Radio

Speaking of taking your radio inside...the best way to enjoy satellite radio outside of your car is with a docking station or speaker arrangement that’s specifically designed for Sirius XM products. We’re proud to offer AudioVox Sirius XM  portable boomboxes as well as stereo docking stations from iMX2. Use these devices to enjoy the same sounds and talk shows you love to listen to in the car.

Shop Our Full Selection Of XM Radio Accessories Online Today!

Whether you’re looking to take your home satellite radio enjoyment to the next level or want to find the perfect present for a friend who’s addicted to their Sirius XM Receiver, Satellite Radio Superstore makes it easy to shop online! Browse our full selection today and be sure to contact us with any questions you may have!

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