Roady BT SiriusXM Radio Receiver

Elevate your in-vehicle entertainment with the SiriusXM's Roady BT Satellite Radio

SiriusXM® has released its newest satellite radio, Roady BT. It comes with a full color display and easy navigation, designed to give you a perfect listening experience while on the road and tuned in to your favorite SiriusXM channel.

What you get with the Roady BT Satellite Radio

  • Connect to your car’s audio system via Bluetooth® audio streaming, Aux or FM audio output for instant access to SiriusXM
  • A single wire connection from the Intelligent Power Adapter to the radio display creates a clean installation
  • Choose versatile magnetic vent or dash mount options (included) or a compatible magnetic mounting solution (sold separately)
  • Pause, rewind, and replay live satellite radio at the push of a button
  • Automatically start songs from the beginning with TuneStart™ on your favorite channels
  • Save up to 20 favorite channel presets
  • Get alerts when your favorite songs, artists, and sports teams play on another channel*
  • Control screen brightness with convenient day and night settings
  • Here's a detailed view of the Roady BT Satellite Radio

    1. Single Wire Connection to the display
    2. Pause, Rewind, & Replay live satellite radio
    3. TuneStart™ automatically start songs from the beginning on your favorite channels
    4. Channel Presets to save your favorite 20 channels
    5. Get Alerts* when your favorite songs, artists, or sports teams are playing on another channel
    6. Bluetooth® Audio Capability** to stream SiriusXM to your vehicle’s audio system
    7. Day/Night Settings easily switch between day and night brightness
    8. Aux and FM† Audio Connections

    Ways to mount a Roady BT Satellite Radio to your vehicle 

    Want to get a Roady BT?

    Click Here to buy the Roady BT

    Or you can contact at (407) 657-8777 for availability and stock. You can also reach us through our live chat by clicking the question mark on the lower right of the screen or send us a message us thru our Contact Us page.

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