SiriusXM Satellite Radio Motorcycle / UTV Strap Mount Antenna

SiriusXM Radio Motorcycle and UTV Strap Mount Antenna

Meet the new SiriusXM UTV and Motorcycle strap mount antenna from Pixel Technologies is a revolutionary breakthrough in satellite radio antennas. The antenna stands 4 inches tall and features a quad-helix ribbon element inside the cone, making the antenna ground-plane independent (not requiring to be mounted on a metal surface). The patent pending design features a GoPro style mount at the base of the antenna allowing it to be mounted on almost any type of GoPro mount. The adjustable strap is perfect for mounting the antenna to handlebars, roll cage or any other square or round surface. Best of all the antenna is high gain so it works in remote areas including Canada.

SiriusXM UTV Antenna

If you have a motorcycle or UTV and need a quick yet solid installation of a SiriusXM antenna then our new adjustable strap mount antenna is right for you. 

The MTSTRP21 SiriusXM Radio motorcycle and UTV antenna has a built-in GoPro style base and features an adjustable strap mount that makes it easy to install on motorcycles, UTVs, and any other installation that requires an adjustable strap for mounting.

Antenna Features

  • This antenna is cone-shapd and designed specifically to combat the common problem bikers experience of losing satellite radio signal due to the decreased height of a motorcycle or UTV as compared to a standard vehicle
  • Filters out wifi and 4G LTE cellular signals which interfere with SiriusXM signals
  • New cone design with reinforced slots to give the cone more strength
  • Stronger amplifier to pull in signals under trees
  • New watertight construction
  • Meets the new specifications for SiriusXM Radio antenna reception
  • The antenna works with all Sirius and XM Radio Receivers
  • Specifically designed to endure the strong wind currents and abuse that comes from extended driving on a motorcycle or UTV
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Classic Black both provides a clean look
  • 6 feet robust low loss cable with a right angle SMB connector with improved cable seal and cable support
  • Adjustable Strap Mount for installation on motorcycles with large or square handle bars
  • Strap mount is made of high quality rubber with a quick release tab so you can quickly remove the antenna if needed
  • GoPro mounting base so you can use the antenna on different GoPro mounts

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