SiriusXM™ Radio Motorcycle Aftermarket Stereo Kit

The Radio Combo Every Rider Needs

Satellite Radio Motorcycle Stereo Install kit

Motorcycle sound systems now have a SiriusXM™ Radio solution for aftermarket stereos

For year we would get calls and emails from customers asking how to get SiriusXM™ Radio on a motorcycle. Our answer was something along  the lines of, "piece this and this together...". Well we finally put the components together to install and connect SiriusXM™ to an aftermarket stereo like SONY, Pioneer, Alpine, Jensen, etc.

We combined the SXV300 tuner with our SiriusXM™ Radio motorcycle antenna. The antenna is our patented omnidirectional high gain satellite radio antenna. The antenna can be mounted to the handlebar, gas tank, or other flat surface. It's cone shaped design allows for optimized signal reception and increases signal strength when driving under trees and in the extreme north. 

Installation is simple. All you need to do is connect the SXV300 tuner to the stereo via the pin cable. Connect the antenna to the tuner and then attach the antenna. The last step is to call or go online to active your tuner with SiriusXM™ Radio.

To learn more about our motorcycle kit or to buy one please click the link below.

SiriusXM™ Radio Motorcycle Aftermarket Radio Kit

Enjoy the road and the tunes...

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