NGVA3 is the New Kid on the Block

NGVA3 gets both Sirius and XM signals

No more in-city signal loss

It's a little known secret that folks in major cities have been experiencing issues with signal loss with their SiriusXM™ service. Without getting to technical.... this is due to the change frequencies competing for the same spectrum band as SiriusXM™. To combat this the engineers created a new magnetic car antenna with upgraded specs that filter out these unwanted signals. The product of their work is the NGVA3 magnetic car antenna.

Higher Profile

While the base footprint stayed relatively the same, the addition of the new filter meant they had to produce a slightly taller antenna. A small trade-off to not lose signal while driving.

Same SMB Connector

Everything else on the antenna stayed the same including the 22 feet of cable and SMB connector.


The NGVA3 comes with all new SiriusXM™ Radio vehicle kits and receiver bundles. You can also use the antenna with legacy Sirius or XM Radio receivers when connecting to car cradles, home cradles, marine kits, motorcycle kits, UTV, and more. You can also use the antenna with select speaker systems when using one of our Antenna Connection Adapter.

The release of the NGVA3 will help to eliminate unwanted signal loss and create a better listing experience for SiriusXM™ Radio customers.

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Keeping the signal strong....

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