Pixel PRO500 the High Gain King of Satellite Radio

The Beast of SiriusXM Commercial Antennas

From time-to-time there are products that come on the market that are just superior to any other product in it's market space. The Pixel line of commercial antennas are those types of products. Their PRO500 and PRO600 antennas are the two best performing antennas on the satellite radio market with features not matched by any competitor. For this posting we will be going over the Pixel Technologies PRO500 antenna.

The PRO500 is high gain SiriusXM Satellite Radio antenna design with a dual LNA offering the highest gain of any antenna on the market today. The antenna has internal filters that filter out unwanted signals and only amplifies the SiriusXM signal. The mounting arm offers full tilting and 360 degree rotation which makes the installation simple and easier to lock in signal. The antennas works with RG-6 coaxial cable and will allow you to run 200 feet of RG-6 cable before needing to amplify the antenna with SBA-1 amplifiers.

We have customer using the antenna as far north as the Bering Sea and as far south as Central America. We have had reports of customers getting signal as far east as Jamaica. 

The PRO500 is designed for performance and it does not disappoint.

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