SiriusXM™ Radio Home and Boombox Antenna

XM Radio home antenna
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Compatible Receivers 1:
OnyX Plus,OnyX EZ,Stratus 7,OnyX,Sportscaster,Audiovox XR9,Jensen XR9,Edge,Helix,Inno,Lynx,CPC9000,MiRGE,MyFi XM2GO,Nexus 25 & 50,Roady,Roady 2,Roady XT,SkyDock,CNP2000UCA,SKYFi,SKYFi2,SKYFi3,Snap,SXV200,TAO XM2GO,Airware XM2GO,XMP3,XMP3i
Compatible Receivers 2:
Antex XM-100,Xpress,XpressEZ,XpressR,XpressRC,XpressRCi,Streamer,Streamer GT,Streamer R,InV/InV2,Sirius One SV1,S50,SCC1,SCH1,SCH2P,SRH-2000,Sportster 1,Sportster 2/R,Sportster 3,Sportster 4,Sportster 5,Sportster 6,Stratus 3 SV3,Stratus 4
Compatible Receivers 3:
Stratus 5,Stratus 6,Starmate 1,Starmate 2/R,Starmate 3,Starmate 4,Starmate 5,Starmate 6,Starmate 7,Starmate 8,Stiletto 10/100,Stiletto 2,Stream Jockey,Visor,XTR7,XTR8,SIR-PNP1,SIR-PNP2,SIR-PNP3,SIR-CMB5,SR04,Calypso,H2EC,SR4000,CRSR-10
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Plug and Play,Water Resistant
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Home/Boombox Antenna

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This antenna is the standard home antenna for SiriusXM™ satellite radios, and is compatible with nearly all satellite radio cradles. It is also compatible with the SXSD2 boombox, and can be installed both indoors and outdoors.  The 20 feet of cable allows you to set your radio where you want, and still be able to place the antenna at a window, giving it the best chance to pull a signal from the satellite.  However, sometimes 20 feet doesn't quite make the cut.  If that's the case, feel free to take a look at our antenna extensions, and get the length that you need.

Works with the following home cradles

  • All SiriusXM Radio home cradles

 Technical Specs

  • Model #: HABST1
  • Manufacturer: Mitsumi
  • Dimensions: 20' feet of cable
  • Weight: 8 oz

Package Includes

  • SiriusXM™ Radio Home Indoor Outdoor Antenna

Please note: This antenna should not be used with the XMBB1 boombox, the SUBX1 boombox, or the SP-B1 boombox.  Here is the antenna that will work with those models: SSP1495