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SiriusXM Radio 5 Volt Hardwired Power Adapter

SiriusXM Radio 5 volt Hardwired Power Adapter

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5 Volt hardwired power adapter | 5 Volt Legacy Power Adapter Cable | 5 Volt PowerConnect Power Adapter Cable
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Looking to hardwire your 5 Volt XM Radio receiver? Look no further.

  • This adapter allows you to power your 5 Volt Sirius Radio or XM Radio receiver to any vehicle without having to use the cigarette power socket in your car.
  • The adapter is designed to work with all 5 Volt receivers, including Legacy 5 volt receivers and the new SiriusXM PowerConnect receivers.
  • Installation of this SiriusXM radio power cord is as easy as connecting the adapter to power and ground in your vehicle.

This product is a Satellite Radio Superstore exclusive product! The adapter comes with one cable for 5 Volt legacy receivers and one cable for PowerConnect receivers, so you can power any type of 5 volt receiver. It works with every vehicle without taking away other charging ports (cigarette lighter plug).

 Product Overview

  • Us this adapter to hardwired power for Legacy 5 Volt XM receivers and all SiriusXM PowerConnect receivers
  • Connects to any vehicle power source and ground
  • Free up your cigarette lighter plug, and have a clean installation with this adapter

Compatible 5 Volt SiriusXM™ Receivers with PowerConnect

  • XM onyX, onyX EZ, onyX EZR, onyX Plus
  • XpressRCi
  • XMP3i
  • Stratus 6, Stratus 7
  • Sirius Starmate 8
  • SiriusXM EDGE

Compatible 5 Volt SiriusXM™ Radio Receivers with Legacy

  • AudioVox Xpress, Xpress EZ, XpressR, XpressRC, XpressRCi
  • Delphi MyFi
  • Delphi SkyFi3
  • Delphi Roady XT
  • Pioneer AirWare
  • Pioneer Inno
  • Pioneer XMP3, XMP3i
  • Samsung Helix
  • Samsung Nexus 25 & 50
  • Sportscaster
  • Sirius Sportster, Sportster 3, Sportster 4, Sportster 5
  • Sirius Starmate 3, Starmate 4, Starmate 5
  • Sirius Stratus 4, Stratus 5, Stratus 6, Stratus 3
  • Sirius Stiletto, Stiletto 2, Stiletto 10/100
  • SiriusXM MiRGE

Technical Specs

  • Model #: 5V-HPK
  • Manufacturer: SRS
  • Dimensions: 2.75" x 1." x 1."  Total Cable Length: 8 feet
  • Weight: 3 ounces
  • Input Voltage 12V DC to 5V DC

Package Includes

  • 5 Volt hardwired power adapter (1)
  • 5 Volt Legacy Power Adapter Cable (1)
  • 5 Volt PowerConnect Power Adapter Cable(1)

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