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The XM SureConnect™ XMSC1 is designed to boost reception of your XM Radio receiver when connected to a vehicle stereo. The XM SureConnect™ strengthens FM transmission, and clips to the vehicle antenna, providing less chance for interference. The XM SureConnect™ provides superior sound quality by improving the signal from your XM radio's wireless FM transmitter to your vehicle's stereo. It is simple to install and comes with easy step-by-step installation instructions.

Product Overview

  • Simple Installation - Connect your existing XM antenna into the SureConnect cable run
  • Universal Compatibility - This one SureConnect cable is compatible with all XM Satellite Radio receivers using the SureConnect technology

Technical Specs

  • Model #.XM-SC1
  • Manufacturer: AudioVox
  • Dimensions:20ft cable
  • Weight:4oz

Package Includes

  • SureConnect Cable
  • External Boot
  • Coupling Clip
  • On-glass Contact Bracket
  • (2) Zip-ties
  • Wire Management Piece

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