Compact Bike Kit with AGT Receiver and Rechargeable Battery

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We took the Compact Motorcycle kit and added the AGT portable SiriusXM™ Radio receiver and home power adapter and combined them to create a truly portable solution.This kit includes a battery pack which can be charged up and used with the AGT receiver. The battery life is roughly 3 hours depending on the output volume level set on the receiver.

For Use with a Bike:

Now you can listed to live SiriusXM™ Radio on your bicycle. Simply install the bike mount to the handlebars on your bike and charge the AGT receiver battery with the supplied AC power adapter. Once the battery is full just place it in the protective case and connect the antenna wire and audio cables and you are all set.

For Use with a Motorcycle:

This compact kit allows you to get SiriusXM Radio on your motorcycle with a compact and clean installation. The motorcycle handlebar mount comes off the back of the case for simple installation onto round handlebars. Plus for an added bonus we include a magnetic car antenna that mounts on the L-bracket plate behind the case. This solution is designed to take up as little space on your motorcycle or bike as possible yet provide quality and a secure mounting solution.Connect the power and ground to a power source on your motorcycle and connect the small tip power cable to the side of the receiver. Next connect the antenna and audio cables and you are ready to go.

Installation Kit Features:

  • Clear case front panel allows you to preset buttons on the receiver
  • Simple installation
  • Removable handlebar mount
  • Water resistant protective case
  • Hardwired power adapter that works with all 5 Volt Sirius and XM Radio receivers (comes with interchangeable power cables for legacy and PoweConnect)
  • Magnetic antenna with short cable so you don't have to wrap up a ton of wire
  • For use on any motorcycle or bike with round handlebars

Package Includes:

  • AGT SiriusXM Radio Receiver
  • Chargeable Battery Pack (for AGT Receiver)
  • Antenna Headphones (the antenna headphones are optional and not required for use with the kit)
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Protective Case
  • L-Bracket (mounted to case)
  • Mgnetic SiriusXM Radio Antenna
  • USB Power Adapter
  • Hardwired Power Adapter
  • AUX cable
  • Instructions

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SiriusXM® Programming

SiriusXM® Programming

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