Replacement Battery for Delphi MyFi, Pioneer AirWare and TAO XM2GO

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Battery for Delphi MyFi SA10113, Pioneer Airware, TAO XM2GO. This battery is fully compatible with the MyFi, AirWare, and TAO XM2GO.

Manufacturers of XM2GO portable radios have issued a safety-related upgrade for the battery supplied with your Delphi MyFi, Pioneer AirWare and Tao XM2GO satellite radios. The parties are aware of reported failures of the battery included in certain satellite radio products. The black malfunctioning batteries can overheat and, in some cases, melt or possibly present a burn hazard. The white battery for sale is the non-exploding replacement.

Product Overview

  • Longer Battery Life
  • Is your receiver is not holding a charge as long as it used to? This new XM battery will give you the battery life you used to enjoy
  • New Safety Specifications
  • This new white battery follows the new safety protocols, and is the official replacement for the original black battery that was recalled previously

Technical Specs

  • Model #: PDA-XM2
  • Manufacturer: N/A
  • Dimensions: 
  • Weight: 4 oz

Package Includes

  • 1 Delphi MyFi Replacement Battery

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