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Extend your XM Satellite Radio Antenna with the new EXT-1 Antenna Extension Kit. This kit is specifically designed to extend any home or commercial antenna using RG-6 satellite grade cable. For every 125 feet of cable an in-line amp must be used. For cable runs more that 500 feet we recommend contacting our offices at 800-513-8554 and ask to speak with a commercial representative who can assist you in designing an extension system that is right for your application.

Product Overview

  • Works with ALL Sirius and XM Satellite Radio receivers.
  • Applications include home, commercial and recreational vehicles.
  • Able to extend any home / commercial antenna to desired length
  • Designed to only work with RG-6 satellite grade cable
  • Every 125 feet requires 1 SBA-1 in-line amplifier
  • XM Radio certified
  • Easy Installation

Technical Specs

  • Model #: EXT-1
  • Manufacturer: Pixel Technologies
  • Dimensions:
  • Weight:

Package Includes

  • 1 SMB patch cable
  • 1 SMB to COAX adapter
  • 1 In-line amp

Please note: This kit is designed to be used with RG-6 COAX cable and will not work with OEM installed vehicle antennas.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Stephen Bullock (Watertown, US)
Booster Question

Which is the better placement for the booster in the signal path - near the antenna or the Sirius XM?

This would depend on the installation, how many receivers, the cable length and other factors. We recommend to contact our offices for assistance.

DAVID TROLIAN (Hendersonville, US)
Problem solved

You spent some time on the phone trying to help me troubleshoot my satelite radio signal issue. Unknowingly, there was the same signal booster already installed in the system that was defective. Thankfully I had bought this duplicate product and was able to switch it out and solve a problem I had been working on for months.
It is disappointing that the originally installed signal booster had gone bad in just a couple of years.
Technical support and customer service was fantastic.

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