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Bluetooth Onyx Plus Home Bundle

Listen to SiriusXM Radio at home via Bluetooth with this bundle. The bundle includes the new SiriusXM Onyx EZR Receiver with Bluetooth Dock and home accessories. Simply install the indoor/outdoor antenna, connect the power, and setup the Bluetooth dock to transmit to your home stereo and you are all set. To learn more about installing a SiriusXM Radio home antenna indoors and outdoors visit our help center.

The SXBTD1V1 is the only SiriusXM™ Radio Bluetooth™ Dock on the market today.

Onyx Plus Receiver Overview

  • Get SiriusXM Xtra Channels
  • 20+ channels of additional music, sports, entertainment and SiriusXM Latino, a collection of Spanish language channels
  • View program and channel information on a full-color display featuring album art, channel logos and graphics
  • TuneStart - Never again tune in to the middle of a song. Start songs from the beginning with TuneStart
  • TuneMix - Create your own music channel by blending your favorite channels with TuneMix
  • TuneScan - Scan and select songs that have already played on your Smart Favorite music channels with TuneScan
  • Pause, Rewind, and Replay - Did you miss that? Pause, rewind, and replay on your favorite channels for up to 30 minutes
  • Sports Fans Paradise - Never miss a game or score again with game and score alerts, and sports ticker
  • 20 Channel Preset - Store up to 20 of your favorite channels for One-Touch access
  • Jump - Jump back to the previous channel with One-Touch Jump
  • Clear Color Display - The XM OnyX Plus features large, crisp display showing important information such as Artist Name, Station Name, and Album Art
  • Works with Universal Kits - Universal Plug & Play connector for new XM accessories including vehicle kits, motorcycle kits, marine kits, and boomboxes

Bluetooth Dock Overview

  • Dock and Play Bluetooth SiriusXM™ Radio Dock (based on the XM second generation vehicle dock)
  • Simple Bluetooth operation with a single button and two-color LED lights
  • One touch Bluetooth pairing and on/off functions
  • Compatible with all SiriusXM™ Radios and legacy XM hi-band Radios (Sirius Radios not compatible)
  • Compatible with SiriusXM accessories such as Dash and Vent Mounts, PowerConnect Power, Adapter, Aux In Cable, and FM Direct Adapter
  • Dock and Play Bluetooth SiriusXM Vehicle Dock based on the XM second generation vehicle dock*
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth 4.1 A2DP compliant Bluetooth vehicle stereos

Package Includes

Technical Specs

  • System Power Requirements: 9-16 V DC, 500 mA (max)
  • Operating Temperature: -4°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C)
  • Audio Output: 1.0 Vrms (max)
  • Onyx Plus Radio Dimensions: 5.0 in (W) x 2.7 in (H) x 0.72 in (D) (128 mm (W) x 68 mm (H) x 18.5 mm (D))
  • Receiver Weight: 3.9 oz (111 g)
  • Dock Weight: 1.6 oz (46 g)
  • Dock Antenna Connector: SMB male
  • Power Adapter Weight: 2.4 oz (69g)
  • Antenna Connector: SMB female, right angle
  • Antenna Cable Length: 20 ft (7.0 m)
  • Aux Cable Length: Approximately 4 ft (1.2 m)
  • Model #: SXPL1H1-BTK
  • Manufacturer: SiriusXM™ Radio
    Bluetooth Dock Quick Start Guide (PDF)

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      Q: Who should use this SiriusXM Bluetooth Vehicle Dock?
      A: Customers who have a vehicle with a stereo/headunit which has Bluetooth capability but does NOT have an auxiliary input (AUX).


      • If your vehicle stereo/headunit has an AUX input you don't need the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock. Use the AUX connection for the SiriusXM audio.

      Q: Which vehicle stereos/headunits is the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock compatible with?
      A: Most vehicle stereos/headunits with Bluetooth, model year 2016 and newer, are compatible, if they can support two simultaneous Bluetooth cellphone connections.

      Important! Before purchasing the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock check that your vehicle stereo/headunit can do following:

      • You can connect two different cellphones to your vehicle stereo/headunit at the same time, where one cellphone is connected to the vehicle stereo/headunit for the phone and the other cellphone is connected to the vehicle stereo/headunit as a media device.
      • If your stereo/headunit can support two simultaneous Bluetooth cellphone connections as described above, then your stereo/headunit is compatible with the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock and your stereo/headunit will switch between the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock and your phone for calls.
      • If your stereo/headunit cannot support two simultaneous Bluetooth cellphone connections as described above, then your stereo/headunit is probably not compatible with the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock. While you may be able to connect the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock to your stereo/headunit for the SiriusXM audio, you will not be able to make hands-free cellphone calls using the stereo/headunit while the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock is connected via Bluetooth for SiriusXM audio.

      Q: What is included with the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock?
      A: The Bluetooth Vehicle Dock only includes the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock and a Quick Start Guide.

      • No SiriusXM radio or other accessories are included because you will use your current SiriusXM radio and accessories you already have, or you must purchase those separately.

      Q: What do I need to use this Bluetooth Vehicle Dock?
      A: A SiriusXM satellite radio with vehicle kit, which includes all of the following:

      • XM satellite radio receiver such as models: Edge, Onyx, Onyx EZ, Onyx EZR, OnyX Plus, Xpress RCi
      • Satellite Radio Antenna
      • PowerConnect Power Adapter, USB Power Cable, or 5VHOMEPC AC Power Adapter
      • Vent mount and dash mount with 4 screws or other mounting solution with the 4 screm AMPS patter or one of our mounting plates

      Q: Does the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock work with the existing vent, dash, or windshield mount for my currently installed dock?
      A: Yes, The Bluetooth Vehicle Dock uses the exact same mounting method as the SiriusConnect Vehicle Dock, and will work with the existing vent, dash, and windshield mounts that attach with 4 screws to your existing vehicle dock.


      • The Bluetooth Vehicle Dock is NOT compatible with T-mount style vent and dash mounts.
      • But you can purchase an adapter plate and screw pack that will allow your mount to connect to the bluetooth receiver.

      Q: Which SiriusXM satellite radios is the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock compatible with?
      A: The Bluetooth Dock is compatible with XM satellite radios that receive the XM high-band satellite signal. Examples are: Edge, Onyx, Onyx EZ, Onyx Plus, Onyx EZR, and Express RCi satellite radios.


      • The Bluetooth Vehicle Dock is NOT compatible with the legacy Sirius branded satellite radios that receive the Sirius low-band satellite signal. Examples are: Starmate 8 and Stratus 7 satellite radios.
      • The Bluetooth Dock is NOT compatible with the Sirius XM Mirge satellite radio.

      SiriusXM Subscription Offers

      SiriusXM Satellite Radio 2023 Subscription Promotion
      Plan options:
      • 12 months of the Platinum Plan for only $99 ($8.25/month)
      • 12 months of the Music & Entertainment Plan for only $60 ($5/month)
      + Get a $60 SXM Service Card - When you purchase and activate ANY aftermarket radio

      SiriusXM® Programming

      SiriusXM® Programming

      There’s always something good playing on SiriusXM. Click the image below to view the entire SiriusXM programming lineup.

      SiriusXM Radio Channel Guide

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Anonymous (Atlanta, US)
      Excellent service and equipment

      Excellent! We love our new satellite radio equipment and are enjoying listening every day.

      Anonymous (Colorado Springs, US)
      Just What I Needed!

      I needed a satellite radio that had Bluetooth to connect to two speakers, I installed in a 1930 Zenith Tombstone radio. It connects every time, sounds great. The antenna is 20' from the window that is facing the window that is facing close to true East, yet the signal is good.

      Thank you for the great review! That is a really cool looking radio.

      Anonymous (Delaplane, US)
      Sirius XM Blue tooth

      Easy to use, works great

      We appreciate the review.

      Robin Dirienzo (Brooklyn, US)
      Great unit!

      Very pleased with the quality of the blue-tooth with our home blue-tooth speakers!

      We appreciate the review.

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