If you are new to SiriusXM Radio or maybe you are trying to find a specific bundle it can be difficult to find exacty what you need. We take the guess work out of shopping for SiriusXM Radio online with our pre-made bundles by use. Our bundles include a comprehensive list of products to help make your installation a breeze. Whether you are looking to install SiriusXM Radio in your car, motorcycle, boat or UTV we have you covered.

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    Vehicle Installation Kits and Receiver BundlesWe offer each of our Dock-and-Play receivers with a complete vehicle installation kit

    Install SiriusXM into any vehicle with an FM radio with one of our vehicle bundles. Each kit includes the a vehicle dock, magnetic car antenna, power accessories, and mounting accessories. We have pre bundled all of the new and popular receivers with a vehicle kit including the OnyX Plus, OnyX EZR, Stratus 7 and more. We even have some older XM platform receivers with car kits for those that are looking for a budget conscience solution.


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    Home Accessory Kits and Receiver BundlesDock-and-Play SiriusXM Radio receivers can be used at home or the office

    Listen to SiriusXM Radio in the comfort of your home or at the office with one of our SiriusXM home bundles. We have created several different home and office bundles with the Onyx Plus, Onyx EZR, and Stratus 7 receivers. Each kit comes with a docking cradle, indoor/outdoor antenna, AC power adapter and audio cables to connect to an existing stereo or sound system.

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    Motorcycle Installation Kits with ReceiversChose from several different motorcycle installation kits and find the one thats pefect for your bike

    Each motorcycle kit includes all mounting accessories needed to install SiriusXM Radio on a variety of different motorcycles. We know there are round handlebars, square handlebars and even motorcycles with little or no bars. We have created different installation kits that account for the variations in mounting options. Packages include the a docking cradle, motorcycle antenna (or magentic antenna with short cable), power accessories, protective case, mounting accessories and audio options.


  • UTV Kits for Satellite Radio Receivers

    UTV and Ride Command® SirusXM Radio BundlesGet everything you need to install SiriusXM Radio on any off-road sport utility vehicle

    That'a Right! We now offer complete UTV installation kits and receiver bundles that allow you to connect SiriusXM Radio to your UTV sound system or helmet system. The kits include everything you need to install onto Polaris RZR, Can Am, or other utility side-by-side off-road vehicle. We take the guess work out of installing SiriusXM Radio into a UTV. We offer one installation kit that includes everything you could need to complete the install including the SiriusXM receiver. Chose from premade bundles with the OnyX Plus, OnyX EZR and Stratus 7 receivers. Best of all our install kit allows for direct integration with a Ride Command® system!

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    SiriusXM Boat and Marine Receiver BundlesTake SiriusXM Radio on the water whether it's onshore or offshore and great signal

    Our SiriusXM Radio marine bundles include everything you need to connect a Dock-and-Play receiver to an existing marine sound system or stereo. All marine kits include the a docking cradle, marine antenna, power options, waterproof case, and mounting accessories. We have created bundles with the OnyX PLUS, OnyX EZR and Stratus 7 receivers.

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    Long Haul SiriusXM Trucker BundlesSatellite Radio receivers with instalation kits specifically designed for large trucks

    The installation of a Satellite Radio system in a large truck is a unique. Our install kits include everything you need to connect a Dock-and-Play receiver to an existing sound system or stereo in a long haul truck. The kits include the a docking cradle, truck antenna, power options, audio cable and mounting accessories. Chose from the OnyX PLUS, OnyX EZR and Stratus 7 receiver bundles.

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