OnyX Plus Receiver Features

Researching about the many different Sirius XM Radio accessories can be overwhelming. Take a break, grab a plate of hot wings, and relax as you read about our favorite satellite radio receiver: the OnyX Plus.

Compared to the OnyX EZ receiver, the OnyX Plus is like moving from the typewriter to the computers we have today. The OnyX EZ receiver has a large, crisp blue display that features the channel, artist name, and station name. It’s fast and simple. It’s clear to read and perfect for those who get flustered with too many technological options and want to live the easy life.

However, while the OnyX EZ receiver is easy to use and gets a clear satellite radio connection streaming endlessly in your car, you’ll find it’s easy to get swept away in the incredible digital advancements of the OnyX Plus receiver compared to its decent predecessor.

Features of the OnyX Plus Receiver for Satellite Radio

Xtra SiriusXM Channels

With the OnyX Plus receiver you can listen to 20 additional satellite channels without commercials. These include additional music, sports, and other forms of entertainment. There are also SiriusXM Latino Spanish language channels in this collection.

Full Color Display

Enjoy album art in full color with the OnyX Plus receiver. Additionally, this full color display allows you to view the station name, artist name, channel logos, and other graphics. You can preset 20 channel favorites with the Plus receiver, compared to only 10 with the EZ receiver.

Smart Favorites

While 20 preset stations can be exciting, sometimes it can also be overwhelming. Of these 20 presets, you can choose stations to add to your smart favorites, which is a feature that can use TuneScan for your easy listening enjoyment.


Have you ever been scanning the radio and finally stop when you hear your favorite song blasting through the speakers? Such joy overcomes you only to be immediately halted when it turns out it was the last chorus of the song and now it’s over. Say goodbye to this sheer sadness with TuneStart - a feature that allows you to start over any song from the beginning when you tune in during the middle.


Unless you have all 20 presets set to the same genre of music, you’re going to love TuneMix. This feature allows you to blend your favorite stations into one mix channel, so you can listen to a variety of music without flipping back and forth. Throw in a comedy station for an extra laugh! It’s like creating your very own mix-tape again, but this time you don’t have to burn it onto a CD and it can offer you more than 15 of your favorite songs on repeat.


TuneScan pulls from your channels listed as Smart Favorites and scans through them until you select the station to which you want to listen. No need to scan through the 200+ stations to find something worth enjoying.

Pause, Rewind, Replay

What did that artist just sing about? Has your kid accidentally butchered the words to your favorite song? Next time “Baby Got Back” comes on 90’s on 9 and your toddler is singing “I like big bucks in a can of lard,” you can pause, rewind, and replay the song so your child can be cultured correctly from the start.

Sports Fans Paradise

Traffic jams can be quite the bummer when your favorite team is about to play, for non-satellite radio users at least. With the OnyX Plus receiver, sports fans don’t have to miss a game or score again.


Feel like skipping between two different stations? Use the Jump feature to go back to the previous channel. This way you can appease all passengers in the car, one song at a time.

If these features aren’t enough to convince you of the incredible advancements of the OnyX Plus receiver, we don’t know what will!

Start shopping for OnyX Plus radio receivers today to enjoy the best SiriusXM Radio accessory for your satellite listening experience. As we said, the OnyX EZ receiver is great for those who like to live a simple life, but why miss out on these great features. We love the OnyX Plus and hope you do too.

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