SiriusXM™ Radio Comes to Polaris RZR and Utility Vehicles

Satellite Radio UTV antenna

Hot Tunes on the Dunes with Satellite Radio for UTV

In the world of utility vehicles Polaris is King. But even a King needs SiriusXM™ Radio.

Not only do they make top quality UTVs but they make some of the best add-on accessories. We have followed suit and have created several bundles for getting SiriusXM™ Radio on any UTV, side-by-side, or off-road vehicle. The bundles include our patented SiriusXM™Radio UTV antenna, portable receiver, protective case, power adapter, antenna extension, and mounting accessories. We also offer the option to purchase onyX EZ, onyX Plus, or Stratus 7 plug and play receiver. Click here to checkout all of our SiriusXM™ Radio Polaris UTV Audio Bundles. If you need to connect to a SiriusXM™ Ready tuner click here for our SXV300 UTV Bundle.

The Installation

The Antenna

The pictures in the blog post are from an installation of a SiriusXM™ Edge receiver into a Polaris RZR four seat utility vehicle in Utah. If you look on the top of the vehicle in the photo above you will see the small antenna on the left of the roof. We ran the antenna wire down and into the roll cage and out the pipe on the passenger side. We then used a 5 foot antenna extension to run the wire the rest of the way to the receiver. Please note that for this installation we used the flush mounting option that comes with the UTV antenna kit. You can also chose to pipe mount the antenna on a roll cage with the supplied pipe mounting hardware. Below is a photo of the antenna mounted on a pipe.

Installing the Receiver

You can either install the receiver first and then run the antenna cable to the receiver or install the antenna first. If you use the supplied 5 foot extension you will have plenty of cable to install the receiver in any location on the vehicle. To install the gooseneck mount simply loosen the star bolt from the passenger seat closest to the center console. Slide the gooseneck mount under the bolt and tighten.Then connect the case to the mount. It's that simple. Please note we used the older white case in the install. All of our new kits include our upgrades zipper case. 

Everything in One Package

Activation can be done online or over the phone with SiriusXM™ Radio. Also, if you are adding this new receiver you an existing account you get a discount on your monthly service. 

We hope you enjoy listening to Satellite Radio on your UTV or other off-road vehicle. And as always please let us know if we can assist you in any way.

For more information on our UTV bundles or to buy one click the button below.

Satellite Radio UTV Products

Happy trails....

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