SiriusXM Radio Volkswagen Factory Stereo Add-on Kit

Volkswagen SiriusXM factory OEM kit

Are you driving a Volkswagen that didn't come with satellite radio built into it? If you are, then you're in luck! The Volkswagen SiriusXM™ Radio OEM Factory Radio Kit is now available. Essentially, this kit puts SiriusXM™ into your in-dash radio, without you having to replace the actual headunit. Feel free to keep all of your factory equipment, such as GPS set-up, CD/DVD changer, built-in stereo system, etc. There's no need to replace or remove any of that. Once this product is installed, all parts will be hidden from view, inside your dashboard, and satellite radio will then be completely integrated into your radio's interface, which allows you to navigate through the satellite radio stations using your factory radio's controls; this even applies to steering wheel navigation, which is a great plus. If you're interested in getting SiriusXM™ built into your Volkswagen, click the "Shop Now" button below to find out if your vehicle is compatible.  However, if you own a different make of vehicle, click HERE to see if we have a product for you.



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