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Did you know that for a limited time, Satellite Radio Superstore is offering two months of Sirius XM Radio for free when you purchase a qualified radio? It’s an incredible deal that’s not going to be around forever, so now’s the time to take advantage of this offer. If you’ve been considering satellite radio for your motorcycle, car, or boat, there’s never been a better time. Check out this form for more details, conditions, and instructions on how to apply for your rebate online.

Why Sirius XM Radio?

For many people, the choice to get satellite radio is a no brainer. Take a look at a few of these reasons and we’re sure that you’ll see that the benefits of Sirius XM Radio make it a perfect choice for lovers of music, talk radio, sports, and more!

Top Quality Sound

If you’re tired of driving out of range of your favorite stations and getting blasted with static, Sirius XM Radio is for you. No matter where you are, you’ll enjoy high quality sound that’s as good as what you hear on a CD. We live in a digital age, after all, and getting great sounding digital sound coming through your speakers has never been easier.

Unmatched Selection

When you get Sirius XM Radio, you get to choose from hundreds of channels. A quick scan of AM or FM radio finds you maybe half a dozen channels that come in clear and are something you actually want to listen to. And that’s if you’re lucky. With satellite radio, you can enjoy the news, live sports, talk radio, and, best of all, all of the music you’ve dreamed you could actually hear on the radio. Whether you like top 40, romance ballads, heavy metal, or anything else, there’s a channel for you.

Take it Anywhere

Have you ever been listening to a radio program and arrived at work only to think, “gosh, I wish I could keep listening. Oh well”? With Sirius XM Satellite Radio, you can take your receiver from the car to the office to the beach and anywhere else you’d like. The ability to take what you’re listening to with you wherever you go is a breeze thanks to the accessories we offer here at Satellite Radio Superstore!

Flexibility That Makes Life Easier

Keeping up with your music collection on the go is hard! You have to remember to take the device you listen to music with inside, find the cable, transfer your songs (cross your fingers and hope that it works), and then remember to follow that process every single time you want to add new music to your device. With Sirius XM Radio, finding something you want to listen to has never been a simpler endeavor.

Programs You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

Perhaps the best thing about Sirius XM Radio is that you get the absolute highest quality programs available on the radio. Prefer to listen to your news completely unfiltered? Want to listen to talk shows that are designed for adults? Sirius XM Radio provides you with all of the best content that you can’t get anywhere else. Higher quality standards means better programming which means more enjoyment for you, the listener.

24/7 Sports

For those who take sports seriously, Sirius XM Radio is the best option available on the market! If you like football, basketball, golf, hockey, NASCAR, or college sports, you get all of them and more on Sirius XM Radio. Keep up with the latest live games or listen to sports talk and analysis. There’s even a channel dedicated specifically to discussing fantasy sports!

Listen Online

Did you know that you can stream Sirius XM Radio online, too? That’s right—if you miss an episode of your favorite show, you can catch it on demand, store episodes on any compatible device, or rewind up to five hours. It doesn’t get any better than that, does it? Well, actually it does. Each time you switch the channel, Siriux SM Radio automatically starts at the beginning of the song on the channel you’ve selected. How’s that for convenient?

All of the Features Above Plus 2 Months for Free!

If you’re ready for the best in sports, music, talk radio, and more, Sirius XM Radio is the answer and with two months free, there’s never been a better time. Take a look at all of the receivers we carry, grab any parts and accessories you need, and experience the best that satellite radio has to offer on the house for two months.

Have a question? Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the live chat feature on our website. Our Sirius XM Radio experts are here to help ensure that you get the right setup that perfectly meets your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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