Add This UTV Satellite Radio Antenna To Your Ride

Did you snag yourself a new UTV for the holidays this year? Maybe you’ve had a UTV for a while but just got that subscription to SiriusXM Radio for which you’ve been asking for years. Whatever brings you here today, we are proud to say we have one of the best satellite radio antennas on the market for a UTV: SiriusXM UTV Antenna And Mounting Kit for just $49.95.

Whether you’re new to satellite radio in general or need a replacement satellite radio antenna for your current kit, we are sure you’ll enjoy satellite radio while you’re on your ride. If you don’t have a kit for your UTV, head over to our UTV and Agricultural collection to choose your favorite one. It’ll include everything you need to get your SiriusXM radio subscription on your UTV or other off road vehicle.

If you already have a UTV satellite radio kit but need a replacement antenna, then you’re very close to the right spot. Shop now for the SiriusXM UTV Antenna and Mounting Kit to finish the journey, or keep reading to learn more about this handy, tough, necessary piece of equipment.

Getting to Know the SiriusXM UTV Antenna and Mounting Kit

First and foremost, make sure this satellite radio antenna will be compatible with your current SiriusXM kit. Then, place your order and follow the easy install instructions to be well on your merry way!

Compatible with:

  • Audiovox OnyX
  • Audiovox OnyX EZ
  • Audiovox OnyX Plus
  • Audiovox Xpress
  • Audiovox Xpress EZ
  • Audiovox XpressR
  • Audiovox XpressRC
  • Audiovox XpressRCi
  • Audiovox XMP3i
  • Audiovox XR9
  • Jensen XR9
  • Delphi MyFi XM2GO
  • Delphi SKYFi
  • Delphi SKYFi2
  • Delphi SKYFi3
  • Delphi Roady
  • Delphi Roady 2
  • Delphi Roady XT
  • Pioneer AirWare XM2GO
  • Pioneer Inno
  • Pioneer XMP3
  • Samsung Helix
  • Samsung Nexus 25 & 50
  • AGT Sportscaster
  • Audiovox CNP2000UCA
  • Audiovox CPC9000
  • Audiovox SIR-PNP1
  • Audiovox SIR-PNP2
  • Audiovox SIR-PNP3
  • Audiovox SIR-CMB5
  • XM Snap
  • Sony Gen I/II
  • Terk Commander
  • Terk Commander MT
  • Antex XM-100
  • SiriusXM MiRGE
  • SiriusXM Edge
  • SiriusXM Lynx
  • SiriusXM SkyDock
  • SiriusXM SXV100
  • SiriusXM SXV200
  • Sirius Stratus 3 SV3
  • Sirius Stratus 4
  • Sirius Stratus 5
  • Sirius Stratus 6
  • Sirius Stratus 7
  • Sirius Sportster
  • Sirius Sportster 2/R
  • Sirius Sportster 3
  • Sirius Sportster 4
  • Sirius Sportster 5
  • Sirius Sportster 6
  • Sirius Starmate
  • Sirius Starmate 2/R
  • Sirius Starmate 3
  • Sirius Starmate 4
  • Sirius Starmate 5
  • Sirius Starmate 6
  • Sirius Starmate 7
  • Sirius Starmate 8
  • Sirius Stiletto 10/100
  • Sirius Stiletto 2
  • Brix Streamer
  • Brix Streamer R
  • Brix Streamer GT
  • Sirius InV/InV2
  • Sirius One
  • Sirius S50
  • Sirius SCC1
  • Sirius SCH1/SCH2P
  • Sirius Orbiter SR4000
  • Sirius SR04
  • XACT XTR1 Stream Jockey
  • XACT Visor
  • Clarion Calypso
  • Kenwood H2EC
  • Sanyo CRSR-10

What’s Included?

This simple kit includes a durable satellite radio antenna (Model #: UTVANT) and the accompanying mount kit. With this satellite radio antenna, you’ll get a crystal clear sound even in the deepest woods or the sandiest dunes.

The mount is versatile, meaning it can be mounted on the roof or on a roll bar. It comes with all pieces you’ll need to make this happen in a quick and easy fashion.

The antenna is just 3 inches tall. Don’t underestimate the size of this satellite radio antenna just yet - it packs a powerful punch! It’s tall enough to reach the signal for your enjoyment, but it’s small enough that it won’t get caught on anything as you ride, making your whole experience that much more enjoyable.

It is also created with a 360 degree design to make sure you get a good signal reception no matter which way you are facing, so long as you are riding in the U.S. or Canada.

The cable can hang just as tough as you can ride. It is a coaxial RG-174, so it can roll, bend, and hang however you need it to fit your fancy.

Do you like to go fast on your UTV? This antenna can draw a signal and withstand wind power up to 100 miles per hour. Do you like to go that fast?

The best feature of all is the SiriusXM UTV Antenna And Mounting Kit is made in the United States of America! Shop locally and enjoy a clear, commercial-free entertainment signal when you use this affordable, high-quality satellite radio antenna. Buy your satellite radio antenna today.

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