A Bluetooth SiriusXM™ Radio Vehicle Dock Is Here!

Bluetooth and SiriusXM Finally Meet

The wait is finally over! We haven't been this excited to announce a new product since the original XM2GO portable receivers. SiriusXM™ Radio has manufactured a vehicle cradle with built-in Bluetooth capability. This changes the game for Satellite Radio and brings them fully into the wireless marketplace. The SXBTD1V1 Bluetooth Vehicle Dock will work with all Gen 2 SiriusXM™ receivers and will finally allow subscribers the flexibility of using their receiver in any vehicle with Bluetooth.

Click here to purchase theSXBTD1V1 SiriusXM™ Bluetooth Vehicle Cradle

SXBTD1V1 SiriusXM Bluetooth Vehicle Dock

Here is the scoop on the SXBTD1V1

  • Compatible with all Bluetooth 4.1 A2DP compliant Bluetooth vehicle stereos
  • Simple Bluetooth operation with a single button and two-color LED
  • One touch Bluetooth pairing and on/off functions
  • Compatible with all SiriusXM Radios and legacy XM hi-band Radios (Sirius Radios not compatible)
  • Compatible with SiriusXM vehicle accessories such as Dash and Vent Mounts, PowerConnect Power
    Adapter, Aux In Cable, and FM Direct Adapter

The Compatible Receivers List

  • onyX
  • onyX EZ
  • onyX Plus
  • onyX EZR
  • Edge
  • XpressR
  • XpressRC
  • XpressRCi

You Can Use It at Home Too!

This cradle also solves the problem of connecting to Bluetooth home stereo systems. Normally you could not use a SiriusXM™ Radio home power adapter as it has the wrong size power tip on the end of the cord and it does not fit into the car cradle. To fix this issue we made a 5 Volt AC home power adapter with a smaller tip that will fit into PowerConnect vehicle cradles. You can use our 5VHOMEPC power adapter with the SXBTD1V1 at home or the office to connect via Bluetooth to your stereo system. (shown below connected to the SDPIV1 vehicle cradle)

Click here to purchase the 5VHomePC Power Adapter

SiriusXM™ 5 Volt AC PowerConnect Adapter

Be sure to get your Bluetooth vehicle cradle before supplies become limited. We expect this product to be one of the hottest sellers in SiriusXM™ product history.

Happy wireless listening...

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