5 Stations You Have to Check Out on Your Sirius XM Radios

A lot of people discovered Sirius XM radios under their Christmas trees this year. It was a popular gift for a lot of great reasons! There is more commercial-free entertainment available, plus you’ll be able to discover tons of great new music on stations that are managed by personalities and producers instead of an impersonal algorithm. If you are new to the world of satellite radio and are just getting started with a Sirius portable radio or car radio that you found under your tree, here are five of our favorite stations to get you started:

Alt Nation

This modern alternative rock station is a great place to find new alt-rock music. Listening to this station can put you on the cutting edge of the music scene. They were the first station to play Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” which later went on to be a massive hit for the band (and a song that got stuck in all of our heads). All enjoy songs from bands like Silversun Pickups, Mumford & Sons, The Wombats and more.

80s on 8

If your heart still beats for the music of the 1980’s, you’ll love this station. Dedicated to the biggest and best of the music scene from the 1980’s, the station even uses voices of MTV’s VJs as announcers for the lead ins. In fact, the entire station is structured to make you feel like you are back in the golden era of Neon and Rock, with sound effects and 80’s slang that will take you back. Tune in at 45 minutes past the hour to hear obscure tracks and discover something new from your favorite decade.


All love songs, all the time. This is a great station to have on hand when you are cooking a romantic dinner for two or just want to woo your loved one while driving in the car. You’ll hear great love song hits from Bette Midler, Bryan Adams, Mariah Carey and more. It’s a good station to make your work day drudge feel a little bit more like a romantic endeavour, too.

NFL Radio

If you live and breathe football, this is a satellite radio station built just for you. NFL radio features commentary and interviews with players, coaches, and other football personality as well as recapping the games. The channel provides in-depth coverage of the NFL through shows that follow press coverage, the owner’s meetings, and even the Hall of Fame ceremonies. It’s great for off-season listening, too, when you can’t get your regular football fix.

The Highway

Modern country music comes to satellite radio! This is an incredibly popular station on Sirius XM radio with over 27 million subscribers. The channel is well known for it’s ability to find unsigned talent and turn them into major stars in the country music industry, including bands like Florida Georgia Line. Along with the latest country hits, there are live performances, interviews with today’s country stars, and tons more.

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