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About Us

Satellite Radio Superstore was founded in 2003, blazing the trail for the online satellite radio retail industry, and now setting the standard for great customer service and product provision. Being a SiriusXM™ Radio approved vendor, we are the go-to for all your satellite radio needs. Whether you are looking for a satellite radio receiver, an accessory, or engineering plans for a large commercial installation, we've got you covered. Let Satellite Radio Superstore provide you with great service both now and in the future.

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    Matt and Aimee Moffett President (CEO) and Vice President

    Matt and Aimee started Satellite Radio Superstore in their living room, with one rack of about thirty products. Since then, they've built a successful business that sells over three hundred different kinds of satellite radio equipment, and have also begun manufacturing some of their own. As owners of the company, they work hard to ensure that customers get the quality service and experience they deserve. But even with their busy schedules, they somehow still find time for family, and even the occasional outing with the company staff.

    Matt’s Favorite SiriusXM Channels – FOX News, 80’s, 90’s, Patriot, BPM, and Electric Area.

    Aimee’s Favorite SiriusXM Channels – The Blend, Watercolors, Hits 1, Coffee House, Velvet

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    Joy BrownOffice Manager

    Being a former librarian and journalism teacher, Joy is a poster child for organization. Bearing a jack-of-all-trades personality, her expertise ranges from sales to technical support and even into shipping. Joy loves to help solve problems for customers and ensure they have the best experience possible. When she's not on the clock, she doubles as a taxi mom, taking her son to soccer and her daughter to gymnastics. Joy is the obvious choice for the Mom of the Year award.

    Favorite SiriusXM Channel – The Message

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    Joe Campbell Warehouse & Logistics

    Joe is a retired U.S. Navy Senior Chief. Before working with us, he previously used his skill set as an installer for Satellite and Business Sounds Systems for over fifteen years, and has also gained experience in warehousing for over ten years. His interests extend into playing the stock market on his spare time, and golf during his lunch break. Recently, Joe has made a breakthrough by creating his first homemade product: The AFHD Rama Jama Tool!

    Favorite SiriusXM Channel - Watercolors

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    Michael CampbellWarehouse & Logistics

    Michael has been with us for many years. However, he took a hiatus to pursue some goals he had set for himself, and after attending ministry school for six months, he became an ordained minister and a missionary to the Philippines. Since his return, he has dedicated his time and efforts to the progression of our company and maintaining the warehouse and shipping protocols. Michael loves to listen to music, so working in this industry makes him feel right at home.

    Favorite SiriusXM Channel – The Coffee House

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    Fernando MuleroWarehouse Manager

    Fernando started working for us in 2012, and is now the manager of the Satellite Radio Superstore warehouse. In addition to studying law, Fernando gained experience handling pharmaceutical products at OSHA standards, providing him with the knowledge of how to do things the right way. Believe it or not, Fernando is actually a country boy. Get him around the right people, and that southern accent comes right out.

    Favorite SiriusXM Channel– 90's On 9

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    Virgil MelvinCustomer Service / Marketing

    After graduating college, and adapting to the city life of Orlando, Florida, Virgil joined our team in 2013, making the crossover from 3D graphic design to technical support and marketing. He always has a smile on his face and loves to sing songs of any era and genre. Virgil grew up in a small town in west Florida, which features an annual goat festival. Next time you speak with Virgil be sure to ask him about the goat festival.

    Favorite SiriusXM Channels– Real Jazz