XM Radio OnyX EZ Motorcycle Bundle with CLA

XM Radio onyX EZ Water-resistant Motorcycle Kit
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4.00 LBS

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Motorcycle Accessories
Hardwired,Plug and Play,Portable,Water Resistant
What's Included:
OnyX EZ Receiver | Vehicle Cradle | PowerConnect Power Adapter | Auxiliary Cable | Motorcycle Mount with Protective Case | Motorcycle Antenna

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  • You asked for it and we made it! Now you can purchase all the items you need, to get XM Radio on your motorcycle.
  • This is a complete XM Radio motorcycle kit lets you take commercial-free audio entertainment on the road with a SiriusXM portable radio.
  • Everything you need to get XM Radio on your bike.


The OnyX EZ Radio is one of the best in satellite radio right now. This portable satellite radio package for motorcycles includes the XM OnyX EZ receiver, a vehicle cradle, a cigarette lighter power adapter, an auxiliary cable, a motorcycle mount with a protective case, and an XM radio antenna designed specifically for motorcycles.

XM Motorcycle Package Overview

  • Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter
    • Included power adapter for clean power
  • Direct Connection - Easy Installation
    • With this kit you can connect directly to any motorcycle sound system or FM radio with either the FM direct adapter or the auxiliary cable
  • Clear Blue Display
    • The XM OnyX EZ features large, crisp display showing important information such as Artist Name and Station Name
  • 10 Channel Presets
    • Easily navigate the XM OnyX EZ between your 10 favorite XM stations.
  • XM OnyX EZ Works with Universal Kits
    • Universal Plug n Play connector for new XM accessories
  • Plug n Play
  • The OnyX EZ is compatible with a large variety of XM accessories and kits.
    • You can add a boombox or home kit, car kit to your order and truly listen to XM anywhere.
  • Motorcycle Antenna - Unique Design
    • This antenna is specifically designed to endure the strong wind currents and abuse that comes from extended driving on a motorcycle.
  • Easy Installation of Antenna and Mount
    • Easy installation to any brand and model of motorcycle on either the handlebars or any flat surface using the included mounting accessories
  • Motorcycle Antenna Color
    • Classic Black both provides a clean look for your bike
  • Wave goodbye to static!
    • With this hardwired audio connection, your days of dealing with static are over!

Technical Specs

  • Model #: NGEY4_EZ
  • Manufacturer: SiriusXM
  • Dimensions: 
  • Weight: 4 lbs

Compatible Equipment

  • XADV2 XM Universal Vehicle Kit
  • XADH1 XM Universal Home Kit
  • SXSD2 Universal Portable Boombox
  • XADH2 SiriusXM Home Kit

Package Includes

  • XM onyX EZ Satellite Radio Receiver
  • XM onyX EZ Vehicle Cradle
  • XM onyX EZ Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter
  • Auxiliary Cable
  • XM Radio Motorcycle Mount with Protective Case
  • SRMT-45 XM Motorcycle Antenna
  • 6 foot antenna cable
  • Handlebar Clamp
  • Adhesive Pads
  • Mounting Screws

Product Documentation, Installation Guides & Manuals

  • Audiovox OnyX EZ