XM Radio Home and Business Music Package

XM Radio In-Store Business Music Package
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What's Included

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Plug and Play,Water Resistant
What's Included:
Aux to RCA audio cable | 50 ft of RG-6 cable | Onyx EZ receiver | 5V home power adapter | Onyx EZ home dock | Antenna mount for SR-6P | 3-ft SMB to RG-6 patch cable | Antenna panel for PRO-600

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  • Looking to get XM Radio music in your home or business? Then we have you covered with this XM Radio home and business music bundle. This bundle includes everything you need to play XM Radio Music through any existing sound system with speakers and an amplifier. This kit includes the XM OnyX EZ receiver, docking cradle, a commercial grade antenna, 50 feet of RG-6 low loss cable, and audio cables. Simply install the antenna outside the building, run the RG-6 cable to the antenna, use the supplied patch cable to go from the RG-6 cable to the XM OnyX EZ receiver. Then connect the audio cables to your existing sound system, and you will have XM Radio in your business or home.


    Package Overview

    • OnyX EZ Receiver Features Clear Blue Display
    • Large crisp picture displays important information such as Artist Name and Station Name
    • 10 Favorite Channel Presets
    • Easily navigate between your 10 favorite XM stations
    • Complete Installation Kit
    • Includes everything needed to connect to an existing sound system (speakers and amplifier)
    • Commercial Grade Antenna
    • Reduce signal loss with this high gain outdoor antenna designed to endure the elements

    Technical Specs

    • Model #: XMBM-1
    • Manufacturer: XM, SRS
    • Dimensions: 
    • Total Weight: 5 pounds

    Compatible Equipment

    • Portable Sound System, The XM onyX receiver that comes with this package is also compatible with the SXSD2 XM Radio Boombox. So if you don't have a sound system you can connect the XM onyX EZ into the boombox for sound.

    Package Includes

    • XM OnyX EZ Satellite Radio Receiver
    • Commercial grade outdoor amplified XM Radio antenna
    • Docking Cradle
    • 5 Volt AC Power Adapter
    • Audio Cable (Red and White RCA cables)
    • 50 feet of RG-6 cable
    • 3 foot RG-6 to SMB patch cable (used to convert the RG-6 cable to SMB for connecting the XM Radio receiver)

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  • Audiovox OnyX EZ