SKYFi3 Premium Wearable Kit

XM SKYFi3 Premium Wearable Kit with Antenna Headphones
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Plug and Play,Portable,Low Profile,Water Resistant
What's Included:
SKYFi3 extended-life battery | Antenna headphones | Extended-life battery boot | Extended-life battery | Velcro armband

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Now you can take your SKYfi3 with you on the go, the headset has a new sleek design that fits nicely to the shape of your head, and it also comes with a arm band for the SKYFi3, this allows you to protect your SKYFi3 and at the same time have easy access to change songs, or stations. The arm band is made of a strong material, which is secured with a loop back velcro strap.

Premium Edition: The Premium Edition of the Delphi SKYFi3 Wearable Kits, lets you enjoy your music from your SKYFi3 with a audio headset with built-in low-profile XM antenna. So now you can take your music on the go with the SD cards, or with XM Radio!


NOTE: This product is NON-RETURNABLE.


Package Includes

  • Audio headset with built-in low-profile XM antenna
  • Standard protective case for the SKYFi3 receiver
  • Arm Band
  • AC Power adaptor
  • Rechargeable battery

Product Features

  • The headset has a low profile XM antenna, great if you like to be mobile while listening to XM.
  • Protective Case
  • This strong protective case, keeps your SKYFi3 while your out and about. It also allows for normal use of the SKYFi3, because it dosent block buttons, or obstruct the screen.
  • Arm Band
  • The Arm Band of the SKYFi3 Wearable Kit can be securley fastened to your wrist or arm, with the loop-back velcro strap. With the loop back design, and the velcro, this keeps the unit sturdy and keeps it from falling.
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • The Premium Live Wearable Kit includes an external extended life battery which provides up to 7 hours of live playback or up to 40 hours of stored content playback.

Technical Specs

  • Model #: SA10228-11B1
  • Manufacturer: Delphi
  • Dimensions: 7.5" x 7.5" x 3.5"
  • Weight: 1.15 pounds
  • Delphi SKYFi3