SiriusXM Radio Hardwired FM Modulator

Satellite Radio FM Modulator for SIRIUS XM Receivers

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FM Stereo Modulator
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Get the best sound quality possible with this SiriusXM™ Radio FM Modulator by Metra. This adapter installs behind your car stereo between the FM antenna and the car stereo, virtually eliminating static. If you live in an urban area with high FM-station density, interference from neighboring or weak FM stations can often creep in and create static. The FMMOD03 relay device makes a direct, wired connection from your SIRIUS radio to your vehicle's stereo, shielding the system from intrusion by over-the-air FM stations. This part is fully compatible with all SiriusXM™ portable or plug-n-play receivers. Included with this modulator is a set of RCA to mini-jack cables that allows you to connect the modulator directly to your vehicle cradle.

Product Overview

  • Compatible - Works with all SIRIUS and XM Radio plug and play portable receivers
  • Connects to Vehicle Power - This FM modulator connects directly to your vehicle stereo power and ground for a complete installation
  • Wave goodbye to static! - With this hardwired audio connection, your days of dealing with static are over
  • Connect to Your Car Stereo - Allows connections to any non-controller car stereo head unit
  • FM Frequencies - Radio frequencies received through the FM antenna
  • Switchable Channels - Channel switch for alternate FM frequencies
  • Durable metal case for durability in mounting behind or below the dash
  • Quality Sound - Female stereo RCA adapters for quality sound
  • Remote Switching - Remote on/off switch
  • Can be used with all Satellite Radio plug-n-play receivers, Car CD player, MP3 player, DVD, VCR and TV

Technical Specs

  • Model #: FMMOD03
  • Manufacturer: Metra Dimensions: 3.5" x 1" x 1"
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Input Voltage 12 Volts DC
  • 2 Frequency Channels 87.9MHz or 88.3MHz  

Package Includes

  • FM Stereo Modulator (1)