SiriusXM™ Radio Adjustable AC Vent Mount Clip

SV3VMT Vent Clip Mount for Sirius Receivers Stratus. Starmate, Sportster

0.10 LBS

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Compatible Receivers 1:
Streamer,Streamer GT,Streamer R,InV/InV2,Sportster 1,Sportster 2/R,Sportster 3,Sportster 4,Sportster 5,Sportster 6,Stratus 3 SV3,Stratus 4,Stratus 5,Stratus 6,Starmate 1,Starmate 2/R,Starmate 3,Starmate 4,Starmate 5
Compatible Receivers 2:
Starmate 6,Starmate 7,Starmate 8,Stiletto 10/100,Stiletto 2
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Mounts & Brackets
What's Included:
Sirius vent mount

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This replacement vent clip mount is identical to the mount that is included with the Sirius Stratus receiver. It is compatible with any Sirius receiver or dock that mounts using the AMPS four bolt pattern. It is also compatible with Sirius receivers that mount by sliding into the top notch cut out.

Product Overview

  • Clips onto most car vents - Stand secures clip against dash board for sturdy mounting

Compatible Receivers

  • Sirius Stratus 3, Stratus 4, Stratus 5, Stratus 6, Stratus 7
  • Sirius Sportster, Sportster 2/R, Sportster 3, Sportster 4, Sportster 5, Sportster 6
  • Sirius Starmate, Starmate 2/R, Starmate 3, Starmate 4, Starmate 5, Starmate 6, Starmate 7, Starmate 8
  • Sirius Stiletto 10/100, Stiletto 2
  • Brix Streamer, Streamer R, Streamer GT
  • Sirius InV/InV2

Technical Specs

  • Model #: SV3VMT
  • Manufacturer: SiriusXM™ Radio
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight: 1 Ounce

Package Includes

  • Sirius Vent Clip Mount