SiriusXM OnyX EZR Marine Kit with Antenna

Onyx EZR Marine Bundle with Sirius XM Radio Marine Antenna
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What's Included

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Hardwired,Plug and Play,Portable,Water Resistant
What's Included:
Onyx EZR SiriusXM™ Receiver | Marine Antenna | Black Water-resistant Case | Screw Mount | 5V Hardwired Power Supply | Auxiliary Cable | XM Vehicle Cradle
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Perfect for your boating adventures: This special package includes our complete marine kit along with the SiriusXM™ OnyX EZR receiver.

  • Listen to your XM OnyX EZR on your boat with a complete marine solution
  • This water-resistant marine stereo protects your radio from damaging water, salt water, salt fog, UV rays, and dust. 
  • Your stereo MUST have an Audio/Auxiliary Input port to connect the satellite radio. This can be in the form of red/white RCA inputs or a standard AUX input.

Product Overview

  • TuneMix - Create your own music channel by blending your favorite channels with TuneMix
  • Jump back to the previous channel with One-Touch Jump
  • The XM radio's full display remains visible through the front window allowing you to see the channel, artist and song title information
  • Marine Grade XM Antenna
  • The compact, all-weather XM Marine Antenna is designed for use with exposure to water, salt water, salt fog, UV rays, and dust
  • A water-proof, floating Remote Control operates your radio while it's inside the housing
  • The included 3.5mm Audio Cable lets you connect your XM radio directly to your boat's stereo system via an Audio/Auxiliary Input port.

Compatible Equipment

Technical Specifications

  • Model #: XMME-KIT001,SXEZR- REC
  • Manufacturer: SRS
  • Dimensions: 
  • Weight: 4 lbs



With the supplied Soft Case, your XM radio can play where you play, from the boat to the car or home, all with one affordable Sirius XM radio subscription. It is perfect for your boating adventures! Everyone enjoys some good entertainment, and not just in the form of boating, skiing, or swimming. With this OnyX EZR Marine Kit, you don’t have to miss the big game, the latest news, or the top hits.


Special Features of the OnyX EZR Receiver

  • TuneMix™ allows you to blend different channels
  • One-Touch Jump™ to the previous channel you were listening to
  • Easy-to-read, large high-resolution display
  • Browse what’s playing on other channels without changing stations
  • Store and access FM presets
  • A waterproof, floating Remote Control operates your radio
  • XM marine antenna is resistant to salt water and salt water air
  • Listen in multiple vehicles, at home, in the office or outdoors
  • Works on the XM network
  • Easy, do-it-yourself installation
  • Hear SiriusXM™ through your existing vehicle stereo
  • Easily lock and unlock channels with mature content


The OnyX EZR Can Go Anywhere!

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