SiriusXM™ Cup Holder Mount with Flexible Gooseneck

SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio  receiver cup hold mount with flexible neck SR033

0.38 LBS

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OnyX Plus,OnyX EZ,Stratus 7,OnyX,Sportscaster,Audiovox XR9,Jensen XR9,Edge,Helix,Inno,Lynx,CPC9000,MiRGE,MyFi XM2GO,Nexus 25 & 50,Roady,Roady 2,Roady XT,SKYFi,SKYFi2,SKYFi3
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TAO XM2GO,Airware XM2GO,XMP3,XMP3i,Xpress,XpressEZ,XpressR,XpressRC,XpressRCi,TTR1,TTR2,Streamer,Streamer GT,Streamer R,InV/InV2,Sirius One SV1,S50,SCC1,SCH1,SCH2P,SRH-2000
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Sportster 1,Sportster 2/R,Sportster 3,Sportster 4,Sportster 5,Sportster 6,Starmate 1,Starmate 2/R,Starmate 3,Starmate 4,Starmate 5,Starmate 6,Starmate 7,Starmate 8,Stiletto 10/100,Stiletto 2,Stratus 3 SV3,Stratus 4,Stratus 5,Stratus 6,Stream Jockey
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What's Included:
SR033-G Cup Holder Mount with t-notch | AP012 AMPS to t-notch adapter plate | Self-Adhesive foam pads (2) (use is optional)

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Cup holder mount with a flexible goose-neck, swiveling head, and features an adjustable flywheel base that expands to fit various cup holder sizes. This mount will not work with adjustable type cup holder openings or those that are quite large such as those found in some full-size pickup trucks.

Product Overview

  • Adjustable Base - Features an expanding flywheel base which can be adjusted to fit almost any cup holder.
  • Goose neck Shaft - Flexible, yet sturdy to allow optimal positioning of your receiver while maintaining secure placement.
  • Universally Compatible - This works with all currently available SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio Receiver Car Cradles via the t-notch adapter and with all Sirius Satellite Radio Receivers using the AP012 AMPS to t-notch adapter plate.

Technical Specs

  • Model #: SR033-G
  • Manufacturer: ARKON
  • Dimensions: 
  • Weight: 8 ounces

Package Includes

  • SR033-G Cup Holder Mount with t-notch
  • AP012 AMPS to t-notch adapter plate
  • Self-Adhesive foam pads (2) (use is optional)