Sirius Satellite Radio Stratus 7 Motorcycle Bundle

Sirius Stratus 7 Motorcycle Bundle


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New Antenna Features

  • Filters out wifi and 4G LTE cellular signals which interfere with SiriusXM signals
  • New cone design with reinforced slots to give the cone more strength
  • Stronger amplifier to pull in signals under trees
  • Improved cable seal and cable support
  • New watertight construction
  • Stronger more robust low loss cable
  • New gold plated connectors
  • Meets the new specifications for SiriusXM Radio antenna reception

Product Overview

  • Get the cleanest installation possible by using the 5 Volt hardwired power adapter
  • With this kit you can connect directly to any motorcycle sound system or FM radio with either the FM direct adapter or the auxiliary cable
  • The Sirius Stratus 7 features large crisp display showing important information such as Artist Name and Station Name
  • Easily navigate the Sirius Stratus 7 between your 10 favorite XM stations.
  • Universal Plug-n-Play connector for new Sirius accessories
  • The Sirius Stratus 7 is compatible with a large variety of Sirius accessories and kits. You can add a boombox or home kit, car kit to your order and truly listen to Sirius anywhere.
  • This antenna is specifically designed to endure the strong wing currents and abuse that comes from extended driving on a motorcycle.
  • Easy installation to any brand and model of motorcycle on either the handle bars or any flat surface using the included mounting accessories.
  • Classic Black both provides a clean look for your bike.
  • With this hardwired audio connection, your days of dealing with static are over!

Compatible Equipment

Technical Specs

  • Model #: SXM_MTK1_SSV7
  • Manufacturer: SiriusXM™
  • Dimensions: 
  • Weight: 4 lbs

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You asked for it and we made it! Now you can purchase all the items you need to get Sirius Radio on your motorcycle. This is a complete Sirius Radio motorcycle kit including the Sirius Stratus 7 receiver, vehicle cradle, Hardwired 5 Volt Power Adapter, auxiliary cable, SiriusXM Radio motorcycle mount with protective case, and SiriusXM Radio motorcycle antenna. Everything you need to get Sirius Radio on your bike.

Special Features of the Stratus 7 Receiver

  • 10 preset buttons for quick access to your favorite channels
  • One-Touch Jump™ to the previous channel you were listening to
  • Easy-to-read, crystal-clear display
  • Optimize PowerConnect™ performance
  • Easily lock and unlock channels
  • View your personal channel lineup by category
  • Color-coded docking ports for an easy and hassle-free installation
  • Push-button navigation makes channel surfing simple and easy
  • Instant traffic and weather for 20 of the most congested cities

The Stratus 7 Can Go Anywhere!

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