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Please Note: The Bluetooth Dock does NOT work with Ford Sync and Ford factory installed radios.

The SXBTD1V1 is the only SiriusXM™ Radio Bluetooth™ Vehicle Docking Cradle on the market today. It works with the Edge, onyX, onyX EZ, onyX Plus, onyX EZR, onyXRCi, XpressRC, and XpressR receivers. Please make sure you have one of these receivers before ordering this cradle. With this vehicle dock you no longer need to connect a wire to your stereo.

We have paired the dock with Bluetooth headphones and portable Bluetooth speakers. If you would like to use this cradle at home, just purchase our SiriusXM™ Radio PowerConnect home power adapter.

Product Overview

  • Compatible with all Bluetooth 4.1 A2DP compliant Bluetooth stereos
  • Dock and Play Bluetooth SiriusXM™ Radio Vehicle Dock (based on the XM second generation vehicle dock)
  • Simple Bluetooth operation with a single button and two-color LED lights (Bi-Color Blue/Red LED indicator)
  • One touch Bluetooth pairing and on/off functions
  • Compatible with all SiriusXM™ Radios and legacy XM hi-band Radios (Sirius Radios not compatible)
  • Compatible with SiriusXM vehicle accessories such as Dash and Vent Mounts, PowerConnect Power, Adapter, Aux In Cable, and FM Direct Adapter
  • Bluetooth Audio: Requires a compatible vehicle radio with Bluetooth (see FAQs below for more information)
  • One multi-function button interface: On, Off, Pairing, Reconnect, Erase
  • Convenience Power State Memory: Remembers the power state when used with a switched Power port
  • Fits in place of your existing XM Vehicle Dock with PowerConnect. Uses the vehicle mount, vehicle antenna and PowerConnect Power adapter you already have
  • Recommended for vehicles that have no Auxiliary Input on Vehicle radio
  • NOT compatible with Sirius Radio Receivers

Compatible Receivers

The following are the ONLY receivers that will work with the Bluetooth Dock. Be sure to check your receiver before ordering. If you do not have one of the receivers listed below you can add a new receiver to your order by selecting the "Add a Compatible Receiver" option from the drop down above.

Receiver Model # Compatible
Onyx XDNX1 Yes
Onyx EZ XEZ1 Yes
Onyx Plus SXPL1 & SXPL2 Yes
Edge SX1E Yes
XpressR XMCK20 Yes
XpressRC XMCK30 Yes
XpressRCi XDRC2 Yes


Compatible Power Options

The following are the ONLY Power Options that will work with the Bluetooth Dock. If you do not have one of the power options listed below you can add one to your order by selecting the "Add a Power Supply" option from the drop down above.

(Please Note: The 5VHOMEPC is the only AC home power adapter that will work with the Bluetooth Dock. Home power adapters that come with SiriusXM standard home kits will not work with the Bluetooth dock)

Technical Specs

  • Model #: SXBTD1V1
  • Manufacturer: SiriusXM™ Radio
  • Power Requirements: 5 V DC, 1 amp (max)
  • Operating Temperature: -4°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C)
  • Audio Output: 1.0 Vrms (max)
  • Dock Dimensions: 4.0 in (W) x 2.4 in (H) x 1.2 in (D)102 mm (W) x 61 mm (H) x 31 mm (D)
  • Dock Weight: 2.02 oz. (37 gm)
  • Audio Connector: 1/8 in (3.5 mm) female
  • Antenna Connector: SMB male
  • FM Connector: 2.5 mm female


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who should use this SiriusXM Bluetooth Vehicle Dock?
A: Customers who have a vehicle with a stereo/headunit which has Bluetooth capability but does NOT have an auxiliary input (AUX).


  • If your vehicle stereo/headunit has an AUX input you don't need the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock. Use the AUX connection for the SiriusXM audio.

Q: Which vehicle stereos/headunits is the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock compatible with?
A: Most vehicle stereos/headunits with Bluetooth, model year 2016 and newer, are compatible, if they can support two simultaneous Bluetooth cellphone connections.

Important! Before purchasing the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock check that your vehicle stereo/headunit can do following:

  • You can connect two different cellphones to your vehicle stereo/headunit at the same time, where one cellphone is connected to the vehicle stereo/headunit for the phone and the other cellphone is connected to the vehicle stereo/headunit as a media device.
  • If your stereo/headunit can support two simultaneous Bluetooth cellphone connections as described above, then your stereo/headunit is compatible with the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock and your stereo/headunit will switch between the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock and your phone for calls.
  • If your stereo/headunit cannot support two simultaneous Bluetooth cellphone connections as described above, then your stereo/headunit is probably not compatible with the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock. While you may be able to connect the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock to your stereo/headunit for the SiriusXM audio, you will not be able to make hands-free cellphone calls using the stereo/headunit while the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock is connected via Bluetooth for SiriusXM audio.

Q: What is included with the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock?
A: The Bluetooth Vehicle Dock only includes the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock and a Quick Start Guide.

  • No SiriusXM radio or other accessories are included because you will use your current SiriusXM radio and accessories you already have, or you must purchase those separately.

Q: What do I need to use this Bluetooth Vehicle Dock?
A: A SiriusXM satellite radio with vehicle kit, which includes all of the following:

  • XM satellite radio receiver such as models: Edge, Onyx, Onyx EZ, Onyx EZR, OnyX Plus, Xpress RCi
  • Satellite Radio Antenna
  • PowerConnect Power Adapter, USB Power Cable, or 5VHOMEPC AC Power Adapter
  • Vent mount and dash mount with 4 screws or other mounting solution with the 4 screm AMPS patter or one of our mounting plates

Q: Does the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock work with the existing vent, dash, or windshield mount for my currently installed dock?
A: Yes, The Bluetooth Vehicle Dock uses the exact same mounting method as the SiriusConnect Vehicle Dock, and will work with the existing vent, dash, and windshield mounts that attach with 4 screws to your existing vehicle dock.


  • The Bluetooth Vehicle Dock is NOT compatible with T-mount style vent and dash mounts.
  • But you can purchase an adapter plate and screw pack that will allow your mount to connect to the bluetooth receiver.

Q: Which SiriusXM satellite radios is the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock compatible with?
A: The Bluetooth Dock is compatible with XM satellite radios that receive the XM high-band satellite signal. Examples are: Edge, Onyx, Onyx EZ, Onyx Plus, Onyx EZR, and Express RCi satellite radios.


  • The Bluetooth Vehicle Dock is NOT compatible with the legacy Sirius branded satellite radios that receive the Sirius low-band satellite signal. Examples are: Starmate 8 and Stratus 7 satellite radios.
  • The Bluetooth Dock is NOT compatible with the Sirius XM Mirge satellite radio.

SiriusXM Subscription Offers

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SiriusXM® Programming

SiriusXM® Programming

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SiriusXM Radio Channel Guide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Steven Zak (Murphysboro, US)
Works great for my tractor

This cradle enabled me to use Bluetooth earmuffs instead of the FM transmitter and radio earmuffs. The sound quality and connection/reception is much better!

Thank you for the review!

Dean Ehlert (Truman, US)
new truck

works great

Thank you for the review.

Wendell Hoeppner (Toronto, CA)
Happy Happy Happy

I purchased this bluetooth dock in hopes of eliminating the need for plug in headphones on my motorcycle.
After some guidance from the help line we solved my initial problem of having something plugged into the aux port and got the dock to go into pairing mode. I was told by the help line that they knew it would pair to a Sena headset but were unsure about Cardo since they didn't have feedback.
I decided to try the Cardo system and again after finding out it was trying to connect to the dealership bikes I isolated myself far away and it connected to the Cardo headset under its GPS connection.
Without a radio to boost the volume the Cardo and dock both have enough output to overcome the earplugs I use and 110kph speed with wind noise. This product definitely makes my life easier since I'm not hooking on wires now or having them flap in the wind. It also eliminates the possibility of a ticket since headphones are illegal in my province. I only give 4 stars because like me nothing is perfect 😁

Thank you for the review!

Scott Young (Guelph, CA)
Bluetooth radio vehicle dock

The Bluetooth vehicle dock is far more reliable, and consistent. A better alternative to using the FM radio feature.

Thank you for the review. Glad you like the Bluetooth dock.

Donald Allen (Chicago, US)
Sirius XM Bluetooth Vehicle Dock

I was surprised how easy the radio dock paired with my new Honda CRV. The newer vehicles do not have an aux input. Works Great!

Thank you for the great review!

Kenneth Glasser (Philadelphia, US)
Great Product but Still Need Guidance

Easily paired the dock and sound quality is excellent.
However, I still don't know if Dock draws current from car battery even when Onyx radio is turned off. My car leaves 12 volt accessory socket ON, even with ignition turned OFF. It's a mild nuisance to constantly unplug Sirius power plug from 12-volt power source.

We appreciate the review. The dock will only do a micro draw if your power outlet stays on when the ignition is turned off. No worries, it won't drain your battery.

Greg Biel (Loves Park, US)
Great Device

The Bluetooth dock sounds great in the car, the audio is crisp and clear. The only negative is that sometimes it take a few minutes to connect to the car, it will always connect but sometimes you start driving and after about two minutes it will start playing the music. This is not a big deal, and the sound quality is worth it!

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