Audiovox Xpress XM Radio Home & Car Package with SureConnect

Audiovox Xpress XM Radio Home & Car Package
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What's Included

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Plug and Play
What's Included:
5V vehicle power adapter | Magnetic car antenna | Cassette tape adapter | 5V home dock | T-notch swivel dash mount | Xpress car cradle | SureConnect cable | Audiovox Xpress receiver | Aux to RCA cables | SiriusXM home antenna | 5V home power adapter

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Enjoy XM Radio in your car and home with this package. The package includes all the accessories needed to connect XM Radio to any car with an FM radio. Plus it includes all the needed accessories to connect to any existing audio system with RCA inputs  The Xpress comes packaged with everything need to receive XM Radio service in any vehicle with an FM radio. You can also take XM Radio with you to the beach or the park with the SXSD2 Boombox.


Product Overview

  • Great Display
  • Easily view channel, artist, song title & info extras via a high-contrast 5-line display
  • Large Tuning Knob
  • Move quickly through XM channels with the Tune & Press Xpress tuning knob
  • SureConnect
  • SureConnect for stronger FM signal
  • Works with Universal Kits
  • Universal Plug & Play connector for new XM accessories
  • Check Your Stocks
  • Personalized stock ticker tracks up to 20 of your favorite stocks
  • Info Extras
  • InfoExtras allows you to keep track of your favorite sports and scores
  • TuneSelect helps you find your favorite artists and songs on any XM channel
  • Wake up to XM Radio
  • Clock, alarm and sleep timer
  • Home kit makes it easy to connect the Xpress receiver to any existing audio system with RCA inputs

Technical Specs

  • Model #: XMCK-10A, XADH1
  • Manufacturer: Audiovox
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Reciever Weight: 5 ounces

Package Includes

  • Audiovox Xpress XMCK-10 Receiver
  • Vehicle Magnetic Antenna
  • Car Cradle
  • Dash Mounted Swivel
  • XM Sure Connect results in strong FM signal
  • Vehicle Power Adapter
  • Home Indoor/outdoor Antenna
  • Home Stand/Dock
  • AC Power Adapter
  • RCA Cables
  • Product Manual
  • Remote Control

Product Documentation, Installation Guides & Manuals

  • Audiovox Xpress