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Audiovox SiriusXM Radio Home Kit XADH2

XADH2 SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio Home Accessory Kit
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SiriusXM™ Radio

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Home Dock | Indoor/Outdoor Home Antenna | Home Power Adapter | Stereo Audio Cable
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The SiriusXM™ XADH2 XM® Dock & Play Home Kit is the easy way to get more use out of your satellite radio signal. You can use it to hook up to your personal stereo and enjoy your favorite content. Get it for use in your home or office, to enjoy soothing sounds while you work. The SiriusXM™ XADH2 Dock & Play Home Kit is compatible with the Xpress EZ, Xpress (XMCK-10A models), XpressR, XpressRC and XpressRCi models. Bring your Dock & Play Radio home or take it with you to the office. Enjoy your favorite programming over your existing home or office stereo system, or a set of powered speakers, all with a single Satellite Radio subscription.

Product Overview

  • One Subscription - If you already have a Dock & Play radio, you don't need to get a second subscription. With this kit, you can use the same Dock & Play Radio you have in your vehicle to listen to at home or at the office
  • Universally Compatible - Listen with any audio system: Works with any stereo system or set of powered speakers that have audio input jacks
  • Works with SiriusXM™ Radio Receivers - Compatible with the following Dock & Play Radios: XM OnyX, XM OnyX EZXM OnyX Plus XM Xpress RCi, Xpress RC, Xpress R, Xpress and Xpress EZ.

Technical Specs

  • Model #: XADH2
  • Manufacturer: SiriusXM™ Radio
  • Dimensions: 
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds

Package Includes

  • Home Dock
  • Indoor/Outdoor Home Antenna
  • Home Power Adapter
  • Stereo Audio Cable
  • User Guide
  • Remote Control

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